In the pantheon of hot-ticket ams, Canadian ripper Bobby de Keyzer—who does his stuff for Habitat and DC—is at or near the top. If you're not backing that, then turn off that Canucks game, take a big swig of that maple syrup, and check this out. Something tells me you'll come around in no time.

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is a breading ground for Olympic snowboarders. "Fishing for Snow" is a film about how a ski hill full of passionate people helped to pave the way for generations of Olympic snowboarders. Since the 1998 Nagano Winter Games, Nova Scotia has contributed to at least one Olympic snowboarder to the Canadian Team.

Join 2014 Olympian Alex Duckworth as she returns home to share her story in hopes of preserving this strange history that is Nova Scotian snowboarding.

Nothing says freedom quite like an open road and a bike...except, perhaps, for a never-ending swath of untouched powder. Just ask backcountry bums, Mike Carter and Callum Pettit, who recently decided to combine the two, strapping their boards to their bikes and pointing both toward the heart of the Canadian Rockies. What they found was the adventure of a lifetime, as told in The North Face's new must-watch mini-doc, Rocky Mountain Moto Tour. Check it out and then start planning your great fall escape.

You saw Drew Bezanson's crazy new Red Bull edit, Uncontainable, right? You know, the one where he takes a bunch of shipping containers, stacks them as high as a four-story house, and then throws himself off them on a tiny BMX bike? Well, now Red Bull is back with some behind-the-scenes footy from the project and we have to say, the more you see this thing, the gnarlier it gets. Needless to say, if a ramp scares the shit out of Morgan Wade, you know there's something truly wrong with it...

Apparently BMX just wasn't gnarly enough for Drew Bezanson, so he grabbed a crane, a bunch of shipping containers, and his bike and got to work. A few days later, Bezanson was rolling away from Uncontainable, a mind-blowing, stomach-turning bike edit that rivals Bob Burnquist's Dreamland and Danny Way's Waiting For Lightning in terms of sheer, you-might-die factor. If you, like Drew, find the mega ramp a bore these days, then this one is a must watch.

Want to live vicariously through people who aren't stuck behind a computer screen for a living? Great, then check out this crazy video of two dudes tackling Whistler Sasquatch Line, the longest zipline in the USA and Canada. Covering over a mile of terrain 600 feet off the ground at speeds of 90 mph, this thing is a destination in and of itself, so make sure to get it on the itinerary today.