The stop motion Christmas favorite "Snowkhana" is back for a fourth year, and boy is it an early Christmas present! This year we get not only the riveting toy hoonage, but we also get some real life hoonage from Santa behind the wheel of a new Ford Focus RS in the snow. Happy Holidays!

Bored of the basic of all the basic beach activities this summer? Well, here's a new one for you: RC pond skimming. All you need is a Traxxas Slash 4x4 truck and a set of paddle tires and you'll be hydroplaning in no time. Consider yourselves warned though. If this thing goes under, you're not getting it back.

I'll do my best to spare you the whole "in my day" speech, but seriously, come on. A Nerf gun that shoots 100 feet-per-second, has a load-in clip, safety switch, and dimpled ammo for better accuracy is just insane...right? Growing up, we were lucky if the Nerf "guns" on the market shot 70 feet, let alone 70 mph, but as this behind-the-scenes look at Nerf's new Rival series makes abundantly clear, those days might as well be ancient history.

There is a track in Yokohama, Japan where mini cars shred tires and get super sideways. It's the WARU Circuit and it's made for RC drift cars. Check out this solid clip of toy cars getting as sideways as regular cars—without the smoke though!