Mountain Bike

Remember that video of trials riding on a road bike that went viral a few months back? Well Yoan Birelli just took that concept to the next level, putting his Cyclocross bike through the paces on a jump filled mountain bike course. Needless to say, this one will rattle all your fillings out.

Legendary mountain biker Steve Peat may not compete quite like he used to, but that doesn't make his recent trip to the Norway's Lofoten Islands any less captivating. If you're looking for the perfect synthesis of man, machine, and nature, this might just be it.

GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up to bring you a POV video contest like no other, and Austrian trials whiz, Fabio Wibmer, and his latest line looks like a worthy contender for GoPro Line of the World's $20,000 grand prize. If you think you've seen everything possible done on a bike, think again.

Remember Brandon Semenuk's wild, tracking-shot line from unReal? Well, Sam Reynolds just threw down his own gauntlet on this year's epic Nine Knights mountain bike course. Check it out and let us know who you think did it better.

Produced by Anthill Films and Teton Gravity Research, this killer Sony Action Cam clip of sick downhill mountain bike line down a freakin' glacier is unlike anything you've ever seen. Grab the gloves and check it out.

What started as a get-together for a few close friends to ride trails and party in the mountains of Norway, Hillbilly Huckfest has become something substantially more important—a testament to the rapid rise of both mountain biking and the DIY movement as a whole. If you're looking to get in on the fun, join host Mads "Makken" Haugen as he walks Red Bull through the marquee MTB event, now entering its 6th dirt, beer, and blood-splattered year.

If you're not feeling this video of Polygon UR team owner Fabien Cousinié shred the Les 2 Alpes bike park to pieces, then there is probably something wrong with you. No seriously, you should go get your pulse taken.

Last week we showed you Brandon Semenuk's amazing unReal segment, a single tracking-shot video part that had the mountain bike community scraping its collective jaw off the proverbial floor. If you were wondering what sort of "movie magic" went into the creation of this part, however, you were not alone, but thanks to this behind-the-scenes look, we now have our answer: No wires. No drones. Just a 4K camera in the bed of a pickup truck. Needless to say, sometimes old-school goes a long way.

If you've never witnessed Megavalanche, a high-speed mountain bike race down the face of a freaking glacier, then consider this an apt introduction. Dodging bodies, bikes, and sketchy rock gardens, Jamie Nicoll eventually finished 7th, but the footage his helmet cam picked up along the way was absolutely gold. Hold on tight and check it out.