Andy Davis

Hair Ball challenges Paul-Luc Ronchetti and brings new meaning to skate tricks, including the Smith grind

Jim Morrison would be proud.
The latest episode of Skate Sketch is based on a dream. And just like a dream, it's really hard to explain. There's dissolving ramps; there's some big cats. Just watch it, and see for yourself.

Holy sheep! Hair Ball is a magic-carpet-riding monster who is down to skate any spot that a smartphone throws at him.
It doesn't matter if it's in the streets, a pool, a ditch, a MegaRamp, or even the moon, Hair Ball is always ready to shred.

More animated adventures in skateboarding safety with Billy and D Mon. Remember to wear a genitalia cup!
In latest episode of Skate Sketch, artist Andy Davis and animator Randall Christopher bring you more lessons on skate safety. Billy plays by the rules, wearing all the proper equipment and refusing to skate in the rain. D Mon could care less about any of that stuff and is going to skate wherever, whenever, and however he pleases. If that means he gets hit by lightning or laughed at by a groundhog, then so be it.

Safety first, last, and always.
Andy David and Randall Christopher's latest episode of Skate Sketch brings us a tale of two skaters. Billy wears his helmet and pads and is cautious when he rides. D Man, on the other hand, loves his face-melting metal and skates like a bat out of hell. Sure, that approach causes D Man to get run over by a train, but it also helps him come up on some free leftover pizza.

Don't make groundhogs have to tell you, "Push with the other foot, kook!"
The newest episode of Skate Sketch focuses on the first thing that all skaters learn to do: Roll around. Artist Andy Davis and animator Randall Christopher show skaters why it's so important to NEVER push with your front foot and then move on to other tricks such as manuals and hippy jumps.

It's time to get bilingual when setting up a new deck.
For the latest episode of "Skate Sketch," artist Andy Davis and animator Randall Christopher came up with a clever way to showcase all the parts that go into a skateboard, from bolts to bearings. Andy's son Noah provides the narration in both English and Spanish. So the next time you need to pick up some new bolts at a skate shop in Mexico, you'll be able to ask for ocho tornillos.

The newest series to drop on Network A, just in time for Go Skateboarding Day and summer 2013, is an animated collaboration between two Southern California based creatives. Celebrated surf artist Andy Davis' list of accomplishments includes an ongoing Billabong clothing collection, frequent gallery showings, and an enviable laidback surfing lifestyle. Animator Randall Christopher is an award winning animator, most recently winning the 2013 Florida Film Festival Grand Jury Award for the Best Animated Short with "Kleeman And Mike" Backyard Jam ( Hear where they find the inspiration for Skate Sketch and what they want to communicate through the series. Watch new episodes of Skate Sketch release every Friday all summer long.

Click HERE for Episode 1:

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