No drifters were harmed during this episode.
Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck travelled to the Oregon for his latest Burnout Response video. Between tuning his Scion at Portland Speed Industries for the next Formula D race and testing out some of the other fun whips at PSI, Tuerck found time to answer questions posted in the comments of the Gatebil episode of Tuerck'd. Tuerck explains why he didn't bring his own car to Gatebil and talks about his collection of Adidas Busenitz sneakers, and sheds light on how he leads such a baller lifestyle. The questions got one PSI employee so excited that he flipped his truck, with Tuerck in it.

Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Tony Angelo have hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals, just not at the same time.
The latest episode of Tuerck'd features an opposite controls tandem drift battle. Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck teams up with Forsberg, and Gittin pairs with Angelo. One driver takes the wheel while the other controls the pedals. It isn't the most elegant form of drifting, but the friendly (kind of) competition is impressive to watch.
Be sure to leave your questions for Tuerck in the comments. He will respond to them in his Burnout response video on July 30.

This one is for all the watermelon-smashing Gallagher fans out there.
The second season of Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck's show Tuerck'd kicks off with a bang. After losing in a Game of DRIFT to Chris Forsberg last year, Tuerck takes on another Formula Drift star, Vaughn Gittin Jr. This year's Game of DRIFT features some of the best challenges from last year plus some new ones sent in from viewers. Get ready for some blindfolded drifting.

Like blown-up watermelon explosive.
Get ready because the second season of Tuerck'd with Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck begins Tuesday, July 9. It promises tons of next-level drift action. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is going to challenge Tuerck to a game of D.R.I.F.T. and the Slide Ride returns. Tuerck is also going international to see what kind of trouble he can get into in a foreign country. It all starts Tuesday, July 9. Then check back every Tuesday to see a new video from Tuerck. Also, be sure to leave a question or comment, Tuerck will reply to the best ones in his Burnout response videos.

But be careful what you say because his dad reads all the comments. Professional Formula Drift driver and the star of Tuerck'd, Ryan Tuerck, has deep roots in motorsports, starting in motocross and progressing into drifting. A big part of Tuerck's success has been the support of his family. Get ready to see what comes out of Tuerck's creative mind when Season 2 of Tuerck'd premieres on Network A in July!

It's rally time! Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck and pro skateboarder and Subaru Puma STI Rally driver Bucky Lasek meet up at Team O' Neil Rally School in New Hampshire for some winter hooning. Champion driver Tim O'Neil sets up a series of challenges on the snow-packed track for Ryan and Bucky—see who takes the big win in this episode of Tuerck'd at winter Rally school.

Watch Ryan answer questions about this video: http://bit.ly/USUTgq
Professional drift driver Ryan Tuerck packs it all into a weekend in Philadelphia.

Easing into things with a nightlife sampler, Tuerck then shows off his BMX talents ripping around the South Philly Warehouse Bowl followed up by a rainy day drift session where he gets demo'd by his follow truck—his GoPro captures the moment of impact!

This episode ends on a high note with Tuerck drifting the transitions of Philly's FDR skatepark! First! Hit Tuerck with your questions and comments below and check back next Wednesday for his Burnout Response video.

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He's even willing to put on roller skates and wear American flag shorts. Drifter Corey Hosford put together one of the best "Sponsor Me" videos ever in an effort to get on the Hoonigans team. Hosford makes a compelling case for himself. He has a mega powerful 350Z, a bro that might be in a gang, and really great taste in apparel. Hosford is definitely ready to be an official Hoon.

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