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Formula Drift driver Dean Kearney smashed his Viper on Media Day

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The 2014 Formula Drift season is nearly upon us. The off-season has been fun and all, especially that epic missile car build, but we're ready to get back to the real deal. Media day for the new season took place on Tuesday, and it was an awesome opportunity for the 2014 Formula D drivers to show off their new liveries. It wasn't all shits and giggles, though. Ryan Tuerck was rear-ended by Odi Bakchis and dinged up his car pretty good. Thankfully, Tuerck's car is good as new and ready for Friday's qualification.

Formula Drift driver Dean Kearney also wrecked on Turn 10 at Long Beach. Kearney's team is working hard trying to repair his Viper in time for Friday's qualification. Let's hope he's able to pull it off because no one wants to start off a season by not starting.

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Take a lap with Chris Forsberg during practice for the Formula Drift Long Beach event

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Chris Forsberg kicked off the 2014 Formula Drift season with a victory at the Long Beach event, giving him the early lead in the standings. It seems that his missile building offseason prepped him for Formula D quite well. Take a ride during the practice rounds with the Long Beach champ in his Nissan 370Z. The Atlanta event kicks off May 9, so stay tuned for more from this year's Formula Drift.

Who do you think will win the second event of Formula Drift? Tell us in the Comments.

A Weekend With Lamont Holt: Saturday

Follow Lamont Holt for part two of his day in the life on the NKA Project! Lamont starts the day with Eddie Gerry and Jenell Ware skating MLK skatepark in Long Beach, California. Afterwords Lamont meets up with Paul Rodriguez and the rest of the Primitive team for a signing at Zumiez. After a skate and business handled for the day, Lamont unwinds at a BBQ in the hills!

Check out more NKA Project: http://bit.ly/ZfQ9qX


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This big rig drifting in a Gymkhana-style video will make your day

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Drifting videos are awesome. Drifting videos with a minivan, or where there's kids in the front seat, or where a friend's car gets stolen are awesomer. But semi trucks drifting just might be the awesomest videos. Mike Ryan is perhaps the gnarliest big rig drifter (admittedly, it's not a very crowded field). He has taken things to a whole new level with his "Size Matters" series of Gymkhana-style videos.

Ryan just dropped "Size Matters 2" featuring his Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Feightliner drifting and following Daniel Leavitt on the docks of Long Beach Harbor. It's insane that Ryan can even drift this thing, let alone drift it in the narrow spaces of the harbor docks. Then he has a guy hold on and skitch behind the truck. And then he jumps the semi over a bunch of Smart Cars? Seriously?! Better watch your back Ken Block.

What do you think of Size Matters 2? Tell us in the Comments.

Mike Ryan
Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin Calls The Shots: Crooked World BMX

Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin serves a dose of his diabolical skills at the MLK park in Long Beach, California! With a little help from Catfish, Tony Neyer and Gabe Brooks, Big Daddy proves that clothing is overrated in BMX. Pat's rail tricks are scary good until Gabe Brooks has to clean up the program when Big Daddy comes up short in the peanut game! Filmed by Chris Long.

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Skate And The City: Skateboarding, hip hop and gangs in the streets of Long Beach

Pro Skater Terry Kennedy shows how music, fashion, and skateboarding intertwine on the streets of Los Angeles. In the new episode of Skate And The City, Terry takes it back to Long Beach, the birthplace of his skateboarding career, and talks about how the realities of the gang-influenced streets informed his rise in the skate community. Terry catches up with skater Feliz Arguelles at Cherry Park, LBC rapper Crooked I at Victorious Barber Studio, Kevin Romar at El Dorado Park, and Chad Tim Tim at the legendary Belmont Ledges.

Skate And The City continues in Downtown LA next Wednesday on Network A.

Check Out Snoop's GGN Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orOF3I5QK-w

Featuring: Terry Kennedy, Felix Arguelles, Kevin Romar, Jacob Walden, Chad Tim Tim, Scott Kane, and Crooked I

Thanks to: Felix “Fuzzy” Babauta, Brian Alexander, Adrian Smith, Fly Society, Josh Krolick, Ian Mallitz, Westfest TV, Snoop Dogg, Treacherous C.O.B., Aaron Ware, Belmont Plaza, Bixby Park, El Dorado Park, and the City of Long Beach

Original Track by Crooked I

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Check out the first Drift Chronicles from this year's Formula Drift season

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In case you've been living under a rock, the 2014 Formula Drift season began with a bang. Our very own Chris Forsberg took the victory and started his campaign for a Formula Drift title strong. As we hear on this season's first edition of The Drift Chronicles though, Michael Essa (the 2013 Formula Drift champion) is standing in Forsberg's way. We get some in-depth information on the rivalry that has slowly been brewing between the two drivers and it'll be very intriguing to see how this year unfolds.

We also hear from the infamous wall on Turn 10 at the Long Beach track that takes out so many cars. And finally another rivalry that's been brewing on the Formula Drift circuit: who drives the Mustang better? Would that be Vaughn Gittin Jr. or Justin Pawlak? So many questions to be answered by this year's Formula Drift season, we'll just have to wait till Atlanta rolls around next on May 9.

Who do you think will take the Atlanta event? Tell us in the Comments.

The Hooniverse
Get To Know Professional Drift Driver Ryan Tuerck

But be careful what you say because his dad reads all the comments. Professional Formula Drift driver and the star of Tuerck'd, Ryan Tuerck, has deep roots in motorsports, starting in motocross and progressing into drifting. A big part of Tuerck's success has been the support of his family. Get ready to see what comes out of Tuerck's creative mind when Season 2 of Tuerck'd premieres on Network A in July!

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