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To help Transworld Skateboarding launch its new redesigned skatepark, Fred Water co-founder Ariel Broggi painted a massive mural.

Aside from being a co-found of the company, Broggi is also an artist, and he spoke with dose host Michaela Eichenbaum about the process that went into the mural. Rather than just plastering Fred Water's logo everywhere, Broggi decided to paint a nature scene. Don't worry, it's not like a Bob Ross painting, filled with happy little clouds. Broggi's mural features intense creatures like eagles, bears and scorpions. The exact kind of spirit animals that skaters will want to channel when they're tearing around the park.

Tim hangs with Keelan at the DGK loft in downtown LA and talks all things skate. From his inspiration for new tricks to the design process behind signature products like his Mountain Dew x DGK pack and his upcoming sunglasses with Ashbury, Keelan paints the picture of a pro skateboarder on the major come-up.

Supra + G-Shock -

Mountain Dew: Keelan's Perspective -


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Watch the full edit of pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez recreating his first video part from the 2001 City Stars release "Street Cinema." The new 2013 footage shot at The Berrics appears side by side with the original 2001 footage. P-Rod along with his original filmer Heath Brinkley shot all 48-tricks including the main shot in 24-hours.

Series produced by Steve Berra.

Pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez takes over the Berrics to recreate his first full part from the 2001 City Stars video release "Street Cinema." P-Rod along with his original filmer Heath Brinkley give themselves 24-hours to shoot all 48-tricks including the main shot. The experience gives Paul an opportunity to put into perspective how long of a road it's been, and just how far he has come.

Series produced by Steve Berra.

P-Rod recreates his first full part from the 2001 City Stars video release "Street Cinema." Check back on Tuesday, February 12 to see part 2 of "The Main Shot" LIFE series and Paul's full 48-trick part recreated!

In 2001, Paul Rodriguez' first skate part was released in the City Stars video, "Street Cinema." It took Paul a full year to film his 48-trick part. In this episode of "Life," P-Rod and Dan Abadi attempt to recreate their full parts in one 24-hour session. New episodes dropping Tuesday's.