Matt Powers

DriftBusters is sorta like MythBusters, but with drifting, Miley Cyrus, Eric Estrada, and Taylor Swift

Ryan Tuerck invites fellow Formula Drift drivers to experience the joys of his home state.
On the latest episode of Tuerck'd, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck invites drifters Mike Essa and Matt Powers to New Hampshire and shows them the best of the Granite State, from cliff jumping to hula hooping to a three-way drift battle at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Check out new videos from Tuerck every Tuesday and be sure to hit him up in the comments. Tuerck will answer his favorite questions in next week's Burnout Response video.

Formula Drift drivers have some pretty unique pre-race rituals.
A poll of the pits at a Formula Drift event reveals some pretty interesting things about the drivers and their supersitions. Daijiro Yoshihara used to wear a new pair of underwear before every race, but that became too expensive (either Yoshihara was buying some pricey boxers of Formula D really doesn't pay that well). Now Yoshihara just tries to pick out a pair of underwear that he feels will be lucky. Tony Angelo would ask Chris Forsberg to punch him in the face to get psyched, and Forsberg once kept a special water bottle in the door of his car for an entire season. Forsberg ended up winning the title that year, so there must be something to maybe all drifters should start keeping a special water bottle.