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Formula Drift is back, which means Behind The Smoke with Dai Yoshihara is back

Dai Yoshihara's Behind The Smoke is always a great time. From teaching a UFC fighter to drift to giving some insight to his underwear, Yoshi is always a laugh on camera. But behind the wheel he's a force to be reckoned with. Check out the trailer for the new season of Behind The Smoke, and stay tuned for it to drop on May 4.

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Can the self-drifting BMW M235i drift better than a Formula Drift champ?

We're still not sure why BMW wants to take away the fun of drifting from humans, but alas they are aiming to with their self-drifting M235i. So to test the technology out, they coined the "Ultimate Drift Challenge" by pitting the car against Formula Drift champ Dai Yoshihara.

This is merely the teaser for the video, with no details of when the actual video will release. We're guessing (and hoping) Dai tears the machine apart for the sake of the entire drift community.

Here's the inside story of how Darren McNamara ripped Chris Forsberg's door off

"If you're going to lose, rip someone's door off."
One of the highlights from last week's Formula Drift stop at Wall Speedway in New Jersey was the third place battle between Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara. The two drifters collided on a right-hand turn and Forsberg's passenger side door was ripped off his car. Off Track's Jarrod DeAnda asked both drivers about the crash after the event. Forsberg actually didn't even realize he'd lost his door until he came into the next turn and saw all this light streaming into his car.

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