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Tuerck'd: Kickball with drift cars, a 12 car drift train, and lots of hoonage

Season 3 of Tuerck'd is finally here! Yes, we're as excited as you are. Which is why this episode is nearly 16-minutes long. There's just too much hooning this season that we wanted to give you a giant dose of it right off the bat.

Ryan Tuerck kicks it off with a driving trifecta: rallying, Formula Drift racing, and his own Tuerck’d Bash drifting event. Tuerck gets dirty at Dirt Fish Rally School in the Pacific Northwest, one of the top-rated rally car racing schools in the U.S. Tuerck fights his inner urge to get sideways while learning the secrets to rallying in a Subaru STI.

Next, we get behind the scenes at Formula Drift Seattle to get a look into Tuerck’s “day job” competing in FD, hanging with fans, and some partying with fellow drifters.

Following FD, Tuerck throws a major drift happening at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex, where Tuerck challenges his friends to drifting contests (drift kickball!?) in front of a hyped crowd and then leads the 12 car drift mob. Not every car comes out unscathed, but you’ve gotta expect to get tuerck'd in Tuerck'd.

Season 3 of Tuerck’d drops alternating Tuesdays, make sure to subscribe! Hit up Tuerck in the comments below and he might just respond to you in next Tuesday’s Burnout Response video!

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Watch the Chelsea Denofa-Tyler McQuarrie crash at Formula Drift Miami in slow motion

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The action at Formula Drift Miami was pretty incredible. Vaughn Gittin Jr. won his second event in a row and Chris Forsberg continued his string of podium finishes in 2014. One of the craziest moments from Homestead came in the Round of 16 when Chelsea Denofa crashed his BMW into Tyler McQuarrie's Camaro. Denofa collided with McQuarrie with enough force that his car jumped into the air. Thankfully the video was captured in 240 frames-per-second slow motion so we can watch it over and over and over again.

5 Formula Drift drivers share their automotive horror stories

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Even your favorite Formula Drift drivers have their bad days. On the new Drift Chronicles, Formula D stars Ryan Tuerck, Matt Field, Forrest Wang, Ken Gushi, and Fredric Aasbo talk about their lowest of the low moments. The stories range from Tuerck's car catching fire on a road trip to the west coast to Gushi losing his manufacturer relationship after a crash. It's strangely comforting to know that sh*t happens, even when you're one of the world's best drivers.

What's your worst car story? Tell us in the Comments.

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