For $6,000 you can drive a Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador in the snow

The last couple of years there has been a boom in programs designed to allow drivers to learn how to drive supercars in snow. Porsche has one, Aston Martin as well, and of course Lamborghini has to have one. We did see a Lamborghini Gallardo mob a ski slope last winter, and this year the Lamborghini Accademia program will let you put a Huracan or an Aventador to the frozen limits.

The Aspen, Colorado program costs just shy of $6,000 and will set you up nice and cozy at Snowmass. Sign us up!

What supercar would you most like to drive in the snow? Tell us in the Comments.

Aspen Park & Pipe Session With Simon Dumont & Torin Yater-Wallace: Drop In Ep 4

Professional freeskier Simon Dumont scores Spring park conditions at Aspen Snowmass—55 degrees and bluebird! Simon, Torin Yater-Wallace, and Peter Olenick session the park working on new tricks with a focus on fun. Simon's hyped to take a break from the competition circuit leading to the 2014 Winter Olympics—a fun day riding park and pipe with friends provides the perfect balance.

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Snowboarders got the hang of the first-ever double pipe pretty quickly

Do you think this video is FTW? Rank it above.

What's better than one superpipe? Two superpipes side-by-side, obvi. Red Bull built the first-ever Double Pipe for a contest at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, and it's as crazy looking as it sounds. Consisting of two halfpipes connected by a 4' spine, the Double Pipe is 180' wide and 550' long. Snowboarders Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, and Scotty Lago were among the first to ride this thing. The setup took a little getting used to, but the riders adapted quickly and were blasting transfers between halfpipes in no time, although Bretz did eat it pretty bad on his first attempt.

The Red Bull Double Pipe contest takes place March 22-23 and will air on NBC on April 12 at 2:00 pm ET.

What do you think of the Red Bull Double Pipe? Tell us in the Comments.