Simon Dumont's 2013 X Games Superpipe Comeback: Drop In Ep 2

Just 6 weeks before the 2013 X Games,8 time X Games medalist Simon Dumont shattered both his wrists during the Breckenridge Dew Tour. Already recovering from a knee injury that kept him off his skis for nine months, this was another huge setback. Unable to ski with poles, Simon's week at X Games gets off to a shaky start. As the weekend progresses Simon qualifies for finals, and it's on for a incredible return to X!

Watch the Full Series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5qSo-slN5sPepWbtPXvFOaz2cQWExeYs&feature=mh_lolz

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Taylor Gold's winning run at Red Bull Double Pipe is as crazy as you'd think

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20-year-old snowboarder Taylor Gold is on a roll right now. After winning the U.S. Open earlier this month, Gold went to the Red Bull Double Pipe event and totally dominated. He struggled at first adjusting to the side-by-side superpipes (who didn't really?), but once he got a handle on it Gold took it to another level. Dropping a double Michalchuk, a switch Michalchuk, and a couple harrowing transfers, Gold's winning run was awarded a 95.6. Chase Josey and Arthur Longo came in second and third, respectively, but came nowhere close to matching Gold's incredible run.

A recap of the Red Bull Double Pipe will air on NBC on April 12 at 2:00 pm ET..

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