Check out the latest mind-bending stunt from Red Bull, which fuses the disparate worlds of rally and snowboarding into one awesome visage deep in the dunes of UAE. You've seen sand snowboarding before, but trust us—you've never seen it quite like this.

Hyped for X Games Oslo this weekend but still wondering what the hell it is? Don't worry, we've got some answers.

The 2016 snow edition of Suzuki's now legendary Nine Knights competition is officially a go. The mission? To push hip riding to its scientific breaking point, with some of the finest (and gnarliest) perpendicular hits ever chiseled, shaped, and shoveled. Then again, don't take our word for it, just check out the trailer and get ready for the madness.

Until then, however, check out Snowmusement, which finds Toby Miller, Red Gerard, and his brother Brendan Gerard hopping fences for a winter shred session unlike any we've ever seen.

So burned out on adrenaline that the prospect of throwing yourself out of a helicopter and into waste deep powder in the wilds of Alaska no longer moves the needle? Then join Xavier De Le Rue, Ralph Backstrom, and Sam Anthamatten as they concoct a new (and truly insane) way to access those untouched steeps. Hold on tight, you maniacs.

Wonder what snowboarding's reigning style king, Stale Sandbech, was up to last year? Well, his brand new 2015 part has all the answers and, let us just say, each one is more immaculate than next. Check it out and you'll what we mean.

Burton snowboard shaman Danny Davis is set to launch the latest edition of Peace Park this weekend, and to get everyone properly hyped, we sat down with him to answer some of your most pressing fan questions. From switch tips to a beard-growing tutorial, Danny dishes out the goods in this one, so make sure to check it out before you tune in for Peace Park 2015, which premieres Sunday, November, 22nd, on ABC.

In a snowboard world teeming with quad corks, mega-comps, and gym time, Peace Park–the freeride brainchild of Danny Davis, executed with some help from Mountain Dew and Burton—is more than just a breath of fresh air: It's a freaking oxygen tank. So before you do anything else, chill out and check out the trailer for the 2015 installment above, which is sure to get you hyped for the full-length feature, which airs Sunday, November 29th on ABC.