Off Track: Ryan Tuerck beats Corey Hosford in Crazy Cart drift race

Low-speed action is the best way to wrap up the 2013 Formula Drift season

The 2013 Formula Drift season came to an end in Irwindale, California last weekend. While it's sad that we will be without drifting's showcase series for a little while, it's even harder to deal with the fact that we won't get to see the Off Track crew until Formula Drift returns. For Formula D's final stop at Irwindale, host Jarod DeAnda talks with drifters Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida, Danger Andy talks with 2013 Formula Drift champion Mike Essa about his winning season, and Jensen Argyle III talks to strangers.
Also, Ryan Tuerck and Corey Hosford show that they really can drift anything, even a Razor Crazy Cart.

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