Every Third Thursday: Snowboarding in Boston with a retro wooden board, Mr. Fun

Boston has had plenty of snow this winter (PLENTY). So the Signal Snowboards crew decided to get into a little throwback vibes and hit up Boston.

On this episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the crew team up with longtime skateboard designer Paul Schmitt to create the ultimate backyard, back hill, neighborhood golf course fun board—we’re calling it Mr. Fun. Dave finds legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi’s pro model shape in Professor Schmitt’s workshop, which serves as the foundation for this 7-ply deck. Hosoi himself stops by the factory to add some crucial design input to the Hammerhead-esque shape (kinda like the surfboard he made of it). Mr. Fun gets a custom Hosoi grip tape job and then it’s off to the streets of Boston for the historic amounts of snow to see if Mr. Fun delivers on the promise of fun.

See this simple board take on snowy streets, parks and everyday urban features with no lift ticket (and no bindings) required. Does this look like fun to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Cons Star Player Video | Behind The Scenes With Zered, Eli and Nick

In this CCS exclusive behind the scenes edit of Zered's recently released Star Player clip, New England locals Zered Bassett and Eli Reed take teammate Nick Trapasso on trip to their home turf to expose him to the rugged gnarliness that includes Lobster fishing and skating the wind whipped city.

Yoshi Tanenbaum makes skating look way too easy

Even though skater Yoshi Tanenbaum is only 18-years-old, he already has crazy tricks like lazer flips down triple sets and strange-looking blizzard flips on lock. Basically Yoshi is a tech wizard who would make Gandalf bow down in reverence. Yoshi hails from Israel, but now lives in Maryland, so it was a short trip for him up I-95 to film this new Passing Through video with Jiberish in Boston. The winner of the Damn Am Atlanta contest and the Woodward West Shootout is making a serious push for a pro career. And if he keeps putting out parts like this, that could happen before he even starts his third decade on this planet.

Two skateboarders pushed all the way from Boston to New York City

"Backstreet Atlas" tells the story of skaters Adam Abada and Zach Baker.
The two decided to go on an adventure and ride their skateboards all the way from Boston to New York City. They didn't get some high-tech cruiser boards, they just pushed their regular set-ups approximately 250 miles between the two cities. They chronicled their trip in a short documentary that shows all the ups and downs of their skate journey.

New Balance filmed this entire "Pinnytown" edit with a Red camera and it rules

Is this video Nice? Rank it.

Right before this winter put a freeze on the East Coast, the New Balance Numeric team took a trip to Boston and New York. The result is "Pinnytown," an awesome new skate edit filmed entirely with a state-of-the-art Red Digital Cinema camera. The camera, which The Berrics has started using, captured the skating of PJ Ladd, Arto Saari (who also helped film the video), Tom Karangelov, Tom Knox, and the rest of the New Balance team. Directed by Russell Houghten, "Pinnytown" has a cinematic feel and, most importantly, will make you want to go skate.

What do you think of "Pinnytown"? Tell us in the Comments.

New Balance Numeric