Mammoth Mountain

Transworld's teaser for their new snowboard video proves winter never ends

Winter might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start thinking about next season. Just ask Transworld Snowboarding, who this week dropped the trailer for their upcoming video, Origins, due for deployment in September. Featuring five crews of riders—including everyone from Kazu Kokubo to Victor De Le Rue—killing five different locales—from Japan to Quebec—this one is bound to get your stoke up for next winter, so check it out and start counting down the days until that first flurry.

Every Third Thursday: The world’s (unofficially) longest snowboard ever

A mammoth snowboard for opening day at Mammoth Mountain! In this all new Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the entire Signal Snowboards factory crew team up on a huge project: a 10-foot long (304-cm) snowboard. The whole factory needs to be rearranged to create this behemoth board, but it pays off in the end. The board is mounted on top of the 4Runner and the crew arrives just in time for opening day at Mammoth Mountain. Check out team rider Ian Thorley turn heads as he laps the park and kicks the season off in a BIG way!

Check out the Toyota 4Runner:

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Mammoth Mountain opened and the ThirtyTwo snowboard team was ready

This past weekend marked the opening of lots of snow resorts in North America, including Mammoth Mountain in California. With Mammoth opening, all the snowboarders who had been chomping at the bit all summer long finally got to hit the snow. That included Thirty-Two snowboarders Tyler Flanagan, Jared Dawoud, and Jordan Small, who started the season off with serious shredding.


Electrifying Solar Powered Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

The sun shines brightly on this month's episode of Every Third Thursday. Dave Lee and Signal Snowboards team up with Powerfilm Solar to create a solar-powered snowboard! At the Signal Snowboard factory the flexible solar panels are adhered to the snowboard top sheet and then wired into a converter mounted between the bindings. With the build complete, it's time to test out the voltage off the grid. Snowboarder Tyler Flanagan straps in and charges the Mammoth Mountain jumps while charging his electronics at the same time—this electrifying new board passes the test. It's a blast!

Watch the full series:

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Got Wood? Pinewood Derby Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Signal Snowboards cap an epic 2012/13 winter with a good old fashioned derby race! Paying tribute to traditional pinewood derby races, Signal founder Dave Lee rounds up pinewood 2x4s as the foundation for these unique snowboards. The Signal crew then gets to work in the factory planing and gluing the 2x4s to create the base for each board. Custom graphics are added, then it's time to hit the road to Mammoth Mountain. Snowboarders Ian Thorley, Dylan Synnott, Joey Yorba and friends meet up with Dave to transform these boards into their own custom derby destroyers! With boards assembled the guys hit the hill to compete on their creations. You won't believe the speed these guys get on 2x4s! Goodbye winter—hello summer 2013!

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TGR's "Way of Life" trailer will make you hate your way of life

After watching this, you'll want to move to the mountains. Immediately.
Teton Gravity Research has been making some of the best ski movies for a long time. The trailer for its newest video "Way of Life" promises to deliver more of the same. "Way of Life" attempts to capture the passion that skiers share around their life in the mountains. TGR pulled together a team of heavy hitters, including skiers Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi, Sammy Carlson, and Dash Longe, and traveled to some of the world's most challenging terrain in Wyoming, Austria, and British Columbia. As always, this promises to be one of the "must see" ski films of the year.

Freeskier Tom Wallisch has a spring fling at Mammoth Mountain

There's nothing like a little slush session. Tom Wallisch wrapped up his 2012-13 winter season by shredding at Mammoth Mountain. With the sun shining and soft snow (and dirt peeking out here and there) Wallisch took laps at Mammoth's various terrain parks.

Dose: Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg was well-prepared for Sochi

20-year-old Park City native Sage Kotsenburg qualified for the U.S. Olympic slopestyle snowboard team at the Grand Prix qualifier at Mammoth Mountain recently. Kotsenberg and slopestyle will both be making their Olympic debuts this year so Dose host Michaela Eichenbaum caught up with him in Mammoth to get his thoughts on the Sochi Games. Kotsenburg has his pre-Olympic routine locked in and has a good sense of who the riders to watch will be in Russia. The only thing he's still needs to figure out is what he will say to slopestyle hater Bob Costas if he runs into him.

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Dose: Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson got the souvenir she wanted—a gold medal

Professional snowboarder Jamie Anderson is considered the best slopestyle female snowboarder in the world. And now that slopestyle has been added to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Anderson has qualified for the US Olympic Snowboard Team. We caught up with Anderson for this episode of Dose at Mammoth Mountain. She breaks down how she qualified for the Olympics, describes some tips she got from fellow Olympians Hannah Teter and Louie Vito, and what she expects in Sochi. She also reveals that the best souvenir she can bring home from Sochi will be a gold medal.

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Dose: Mahfia Sessions & Boarding for Breast Cancer "Shred the Love" Tour at Mammoth Mountain

Is this video Nice? Rank it.

It's always the right time for a road trip to Mammoth Mountain, but when it's for a good cause, well, that makes it even better. On the new episode of Dose, host Michaela Eichenbaum heads to Mammoth Mountain to check out the Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) "Shred the Love" Tour and the Mahfia Sessions, presented by Group Y. Michaela caught up with Mahfia Sessions founder Kim Woozy to get the scoop on the event, shredded the park with women's action sports legend Cara-Beth Burnside, and attended a panel discussion of female action sports pioneers including Shannon Dunn-Downing and Lisa Hudson.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Pat Moore doesn't give a shit where he snowboards, as long as he snowboards

Snowboarder Pat Moore is one of the most well-rounded pros in the game. (Note, we did not call him hardworking.) Vans followed Moore for the latest installment of "Introspect" as he journeyed to Mammoth Mountain and Utah. It's interesting to hear Moore talk about how he enjoys all aspects of snowboarding and feels that, "Turning your snowboard is just as important as doing a frontside boardslide 10 times." Moore's approach is based on the type of well-rounded riding he saw in videos growing up, where no one thought twice about a snowboarder hitting a halfpipe, rail, and backcountry kicker in the same part. Moore is trying to keep that style of snowboarding alive. And if Danny Davis's stylish gold-medal run at X Games is any indication, he might be on to something.

Vans Off The Wall
Elena Hight launches new web series just in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

We've seen professional snowboarder Elena Hight get buff, get dressed, and get gnarly, so we feel like we already know her. But with her new web series Hight Hopes we'll really get an inside look at the two-time Olympian as she prepares for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. Hight's training for the Olympics started all the way back in the summer. It involved a lot of halfpipe shredding but also plenty of time in the gym and with the media obligations that come along with being one of the faces of American snowboarding.

New episodes of Hight Hopes will drop each month, with the next one scheduled for Christmas Eve, December 24.

Elena Hight
The Monster Energy snowboard team had a "sun's out, guns out" session at Mammoth

Snowboarding is more fun without a shirt.
With the snowboard contests all wrapped up, Monster Energy hosted a private park session at Mammoth Mountain so that its riders could get in some last-minute jibs and jumps before all the snow melted. Teddy Koo, Kohei Kudo, Ayumu Hirano, Eiju Hirano, Alek Ostreng, Torgier Bergrem, Christian Haller, Peetu Piiroinen, Sage Kotsenburg, Alex Rodway, Harrison Gordon, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Sebbe de Buck all got busy in the park and started laying the groundwork for next season.

Grenade Games 9 Blows Up Mammoth Mountain

After a 10-year hiatus Grenade Gloves return to Mammoth Mountain for Grenade Games 9! Michaela Eichenbaum hit the scene for dose ready to soak up all the fun and sun! Hear from Danny Kass on how Grenade Games first started, get second-hand hyped from Jack Mitrani and Shayne Pospisil, drop into the chaotic Chinese Downhill with Brendan Gerard, and get up close and way too personal with punk legends NOFX. What a weekend!

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Jamie O'Brien will shave your eyebrows if you pass out during Coachella

On the latest episode of Who is JOB 3.0, Jamie O'Brien and his crew of buddies from Hawaii continue to make their way across the United States. Their road trip includes a snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain where some of the O'Brien's friends from Hawaii get to experience snow shredding for the first time. Then things get a little out of hand when JOB drives the RV to the Vestal Village at Coachella. Eyebrows are lost and tears are shed. But it's nothing that a little tanker surfing in Texas can't cure.