Every Third Thursday: The world's first fully programmable smart snowboard

This one is gonna change everything

With the onslaught of smart phones, smart cars, smart home thermostats, and smart just about everything else, it's about time a smart snowboard was made. And the guys at Signal Snowboards were just the people to develop it.

In this new episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew team up with Matt Davis from Name The Machine, Samy Kamkar, and Alex Nano to build a snowboard that acts like a video game controller to control the playback of the music. The crew builds sensors into the snowboard and creates custom software to gather data and manipulate the soundtrack based on the boards motions. Signal rider Daniel Brown then gets to test out the smart board at Bear Mountain, creating his own custom park riding soundtrack.

What would you want to program into this open source board? Let us know in the comments below!

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Discovered From: Network A