Photo Shoot

Meet model and adventurer, Roberta Mancino, who recently traveled to Mexico for an underwater photo shoot...with a [insert expletive here] Crocodile. These are the most nihilistic killing machines on earth, this is stupid, and that is all.

Aside from pro surfing, modeling has been a big part of Alana Blanchard’s life. In this episode of Alana Surfer Girl Reflections, Alana talks about what it’s like designing bikinis for Rip Curl and the impact Andy and Bruce Irons has had on her life as pro surfer.

Click here to see the full episode of Alana Surfer Girl Season 1 Episode 5

Our love of pro surfer/bikini model/surfer twerker Anastasia Ashley is well known. She was recently in New York City (why didn't you call Anastasia? you never call...) and she dropped by famed (albeit creepy) photographer Terry Richardson's studio for a nice little photo shoot. And since it's Friday, we figured you might enjoy taking a break from your work day to have Anastasia put a smile on your face.

It's that time of the year again: the new [Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue]1 release! It's here to bring us out of our winter doldrums (and many, many feet of snow) to dream of brighter days on sandy beaches (with gorgeous women of course).

The 2015 issue is a visual stunner, as usual, and we've put together our 10 favorite things about this year's issue. The first was the classic Camaro above. See the rest below.

When Kate Upton gets in a bikini people tend to pay attention. Which is what you'll want to during this behind-the-scenes from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Thanks Friday.