Snowboard Slams

Watch this snowboarder almost drop the soap

This video goes from completely normal to totally hairball in the blink of an eye, with Eric Gronnenberg popping off a routine 50-50 only to loop out and launch ass-first into the only exposed metal rod in five square miles. Thankfully, for the sake of both Eric's derriere and dignity, the crew took a Murphy's Law approach, placing a trash lid over the pole prior to the session, but knowing what could have been is still enough send chills down the, ahem, spine.

Mark McMorris: "Breaking my rib right before the Olympics was not the ideal situation"

Mark McMorris had one helluva winter last year. He repeated in Dew Tour slopestyle, took bronze at the Sochi Winter Olympics, took out the US Open, got to go to Baldface with Travis Rice and Eric Jackson, and was part of Danny Davis's Peace Park experiment. Amidst all that he broke a rib at X Games just 12 days before the Olympics started. Somehow he gutted it out though and still took home that bronze medal. His Burton Presents part here documents all of that and more with some spectacular riding from the Canadian.

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Whoops! Snowboard Slams With Frank April, LNP & Louif Paradise: Deja Vu Movie Ep. 8

You can't win them all as evidence from Deja Vu Movie's Frank April, LNP, Louif Paradis and Alex Cantin! Putting together a solid part for any snowboard movie requires throwing yourself off ledges, down rails and into uncertain success. These guys are true professionals and take the good with the bad continually getting back up and giving it another shot. If these slams are any indication of how hard the guys were pushing it out there we can't wait to see the tricks they land! Bangers!

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This is why you never stand on the landing of a snowboard jump

It's one of the cardinal rules posted at the top of every terrain park at every resort: Look before you leap. Snowboarders are supposed to make sure that the area is clear before they take off on a jump. But sometimes there's humongous idiots who sit on the landing of jumps completely hidden from the impending jumper's view. That's what snowboarder Matt Coldren encountered on this one hit. Dude just wanted to spin to win until he saw Mr. Turquoise Jacket posted up on the knuckle. Coldren couldn't avoid taking the guy out. Let this be a lesson: Don't be that guy. Don't be Mr. Turquoise Jacket. Don't sit on the landings of jumps.

Graham Merwin
These 4 minutes of snowboard crashes will make you cringe

Filming for a snowboard video part takes a lot of guts and glory. The guts coming first with all the hard work, the glory hopefully coming once the finished product is out there and creating a buzz. While filming for its new movie Dopamine, the Absinthe Films snowboarders went all out. Along with that comes some all-out slams. Snowboarders Victor De Le Rue, Bode Merrill, Jason Robinson, Brandon Concard, Manuel Diaz, Cale Zima, and Blair Habenicht took plenty of abuse filming for their parts. But anyone who has seen Dopamine knows that it was all worth it.

We can't stop laughing at this snowboarder failing on a T-bar

One of the most difficult things for beginning snowboarders isn't getting down the mountain, it's getting up it. While most novices can get on a chairlift fairly easy, getting off is a different story. And the T-bar? That's a different beast entirely. This video is a little over a year old, but it sums up the challenges of riding a T-bar for the first time in all of its hilarious glory. This snowboarder in Switzerland tries all different kinds of ways to harness the power of the T-bar to tow him up the mountain to no avail. He fails seven times before he is finally successful. The best part is how pissed off the lift operator gets.

Mehmet Deli
Shaun White crashed at Olympic slopestyle qualifying yesterday

Snowboarder Shaun White suffered a major crash on his first run at Olympic slopestyle qualifying at Mammoth Mountain on Thursday but managed to bounce back and win the event on his second run to secure a spot on the first U.S. Olympic slopestyle team. On his first run, White took off on the second jump on the slopestyle course but caught his toe edge on the landing and took a serious slam. He was on the ground for about five minutes and was tended to by ski patrol before he was able to ride back down. "I haven’t taken a hit like that in a long time. I was almost thinking about calling the whole event. I couldn’t really see straight and everything was a little blurry," White said after the event. "Then I sat there and decided to do that second run."

On his second run, White earned the highest score of the day (95.20) to punch his ticket to Sochi. The two-time defending Olympic halfpipe gold medalist will have a chance to earn a spot on the pipe team on Friday.

Snowboarder Matt Chase landed the most massive gap to lipslide you'll see today

Matt Chase is an 18-year-old snowboarder from Minnesota and he has rides rails with reckless abandon. When his mid-season edit went up earlier this year [YoBeat called him]3 "ridiculous at snowboarding." It's hard to argue after watching this absolutely massive gap to lipslide. This thing is huge. Sure he takes three slams that are pretty intense, but we're just surprised he didn't lose any limbs.

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Billy Bjork
Snowboard fails on a T-bar are always funny

Is this video Fail? Rank it.

The T-bar has befuddled snowboarders since its invention. And there are always new snowboarders coming into the sport, which means there's no shortage of fresh meat for lift operators to struggle with. This never gets old and is always hilarious.

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Ryan Knapton
Snowboarder discovers dumpsters make awful landing spots

Is this video Fail? Rank it.

Sure, BMX tracks can be made out of dumpsters, but the trash receptacles have no place in snowboarding (aside from, you know, throwing out your trash). Ryan LeCours found that out the hard way. This rail would have been gnarly on its own without the big green hulks of metal at the bottom. Undeterred, LeCours still went for it and huge props to him for doing so. The sound he makes when he hits the dumpster will haunt your dreams.

[h/t Transworld Snowboarding]

Ryan LeCours
Wait until you ski the carnage at Big Sky's pond skim

Is this video WTF? Rank it.

Pond skim season is in full effect. The snow is melting quick and there is no better way to wrap up a great winter season than by wearing crazy costumes and sending it across a pool of freezing water. Big Sky Resort in Montana just hosted its annual pond skim and it featured some truly epic crashes. Faceplants, failed backflips, and slamming guts into the edge of the pond are just a few of the violent ways that people, including little kids go down. But easily the worst slam of all is the female skier around the 1:45-mark. She skims pretty good, but loses it towards the end and slams right into the edge. She had so much speed that she flipped completely out of the pond, and was tossed nearly 20 feet onto her back. Somehow she managed to crack a smile shortly after.

Is this the worst pond skimming event you've ever seen? Tell us in the Comments.

You don't make a street snowboard video in Michigan without some hard slams

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The Mitten State (aka Michigan) isn't necessarily known for its mountains. But the beauty of street snowboarding is you don't need steep peaks, just some snow (which Michigan has plenty of) and some rails. The Blunts Brews N' Bad News snowboard crew of Andrew Carroll, Alec Ash, Chad Wolfe, Mark Hartmann, Dom Palarchio, and many more homies put in some serious time in the streets this season, filming for their video "Black Out." The trailer just dropped and it features A LOT of heavy slams that have us eagerly anticipating how the makes turned out. "Black Out" will come out next fall.

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Scott Smith
The first female snowboarder to land a double cork 1080 is only 16 years old!

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British snowboarder Katie Ormerod has made history. She is the first female snowboarder to the land a double cork 1080. And she's only 16 years old. Yes, 16. Ormerod started snowboarding when she was 6 and has come a long way in 10 years. Who knows how far she'll go in the next 10.

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This giant gap to down rail ended in an absolutely brutal slam

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You gotta hand it to snowboarder Julien Beaulieu for even attempting this massive gap to down rail. While filming for the new Brothers Factory snowboard movie, Los Bum, Beaulieu sent it and got served. We'll have to wait for the video to see if he got it or not.

Is this the worst snowboard slam ever? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Transworld Snowboarding

This snowboarder should NOT have tried this street jump

Some guys just can't help themselves. They see something that others have done and think they can also do it—most times that's a bad idea. This snowboarder learned the hard way on this street jump, slamming straight on his back in this epic fail.

Jérôme Charest
This is why you never want to be the first person to test a snowboard jump

This guy would love a second chance to make a first impression on this kicker. When no one volunteered to take the initial run on a new jump at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe last season, this snowboarder stepped up. Now he wishes that he hadn't. Unless, of course, he was trying to win a backflop contest. In that case, this guy deserves a perfect 10.