Skate And The City: Skateboarding, hip hop and gangs in the streets of Long Beach

Pro Skater Terry Kennedy shows how music, fashion, and skateboarding intertwine on the streets of Los Angeles. In the new episode of Skate And The City, Terry takes it back to Long Beach, the birthplace of his skateboarding career, and talks about how the realities of the gang-influenced streets informed his rise in the skate community. Terry catches up with skater Feliz Arguelles at Cherry Park, LBC rapper Crooked I at Victorious Barber Studio, Kevin Romar at El Dorado Park, and Chad Tim Tim at the legendary Belmont Ledges.

Skate And The City continues in Downtown LA next Wednesday on Network A.

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Featuring: Terry Kennedy, Felix Arguelles, Kevin Romar, Jacob Walden, Chad Tim Tim, Scott Kane, and Crooked I

Thanks to: Felix “Fuzzy” Babauta, Brian Alexander, Adrian Smith, Fly Society, Josh Krolick, Ian Mallitz, Westfest TV, Snoop Dogg, Treacherous C.O.B., Aaron Ware, Belmont Plaza, Bixby Park, El Dorado Park, and the City of Long Beach

Original Track by Crooked I

Discovered From: Network A