For Ryan Tuerck, the road to Formula Drift Long Beach was paved with epic test sessions, shifter kart mayhem, and a little help from homey Chris Forsberg. Check out all the action on a brand new episode of Tuerck'd with Valvoline USA!

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In between 500-horsepower dyno pulls, custom bumper fabrication, and some fuel cell improv, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg make time for a little something sweet on the penultimate episode of Drift Garage season three.

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Join Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg as they offer yet another crash course in drift culture in a brand new episode of Drift Garage Response.

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The 2016 Formula Drift season is almost upon us, and we are proud to present the trailer for stop one, set to go down in beautiful Long Beach, California this weekend. Check it out and make sure to tune in for all the action from qualifiers this Friday!

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly get more pumped for the start of Formula Drift this weekend, along comes Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his 900-horsepower Mustang RTR. This thing literally lifts tires like a trophy truck, so say a prayer for that fresh set of Nitto Rubber and check it out.

Per usual, April Fools' Day was a horrible day for horrible people, but at least one thing came out of this year's iteration of the world's crappiest holiday: Chris Forsberg getting pranked into drifting a Nissan cargo van to its absolute logical limits. Standard shipping this ain't.

Finals night is a go, people! Tune in to our live stream (beginning below at 7:15pm EST), straight from the Suzuka Twin Circuit in Japan, to see how all the action from the year's first Formula Drift event shakes out. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Yesterday, Ken Block—after months of coy hints and outright secrecy—announced Gymkhana EIGHT with the unveiling of its star, a wild, 650-hp Ford Fiesta ST RX43 slathered in reflective paint and mounted on a mean set of Toyo rubber. Besides a premier date and time (Monday February 29th at 9pm PST), details remain scant, however, so we got to thinking: Of all the possible Gymkhana destinations on this giant, spinning orb of pavement, what would be the coolest, craziest, and, OK, probably most unrealistic? What follows are our 5 favorite (im)possibilities. Pull that E-brake and check them out.

Everyone, meet the Urchfab, an amazing Saab/Ford Franken-rod built for the curviest quarter miles on earth. This is easily one of the coolest drift machines we've seen since Ken Block's 'Hoonicorn' Mustang, so make sure to tune in and see this beast in action.

Here's a great way to start the (hopefully long) weekend. Check out this video of Chris Forsberg smoking the tires off his 1,000-hp 370Z on a winding mountain road in North Carolina and drift (pun intended) toward that 5 o' clock bell.