Team Driftmonkey shreds tires all around the world

Hard-charging Norwegian drift crew, Team Driftmonkey, was founded in 2009 and they've been killing it ever since. Check out some of their best moments from around the world.

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Onboard with Team Driftmonkey's 2JZ-powered Silvia S15.

Wanna ride shotgun in Team Driftmonkey's 2JZ powered Nissan Silvia S15? Well this is your lucky day. Ride along in it while driver Nigel Colfer kills all tires.

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck speaks the universal language of drifting in Norway

The Formula Drift driver travels to the Gatebil motorsports festival.
Ryan Tuerck went to Norway to Gatebil and discovered that it's a rock festival disguised as a motorsports festival. Tuerck was joined by fellow Formula Drift drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Fredric Aasbo for some tire slaying.

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Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck flips a truck while answering your questions

No drifters were harmed during this episode.
Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck travelled to the Oregon for his latest Burnout Response video. Between tuning his Scion at Portland Speed Industries for the next Formula D race and testing out some of the other fun whips at PSI, Tuerck found time to answer questions posted in the comments of the Gatebil episode of Tuerck'd. Tuerck explains why he didn't bring his own car to Gatebil and talks about his collection of Adidas Busenitz sneakers, and sheds light on how he leads such a baller lifestyle. The questions got one PSI employee so excited that he flipped his truck, with Tuerck in it.

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Here's some of the best slow-mo drifting you'll see courtesy of Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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Each year there is a drift happening in Norway dubbed Gatebil at the Rudskogen track. It is completely bonkers. It is also an opportunity to film some of the world's best drifters in unique ways. That's what the Moviebird Norway crew did, capturing Vaughn Gittin Jr., Fredric Aasbo, and others at high-speeds with high-speed cameras. The end result was some fantastic, slow motion drifting.

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Moviebird Norway