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Red Bull Training Camp With Simon Dumont: Drop In Ep. 6

Simon Dumont offers a glimpse into Red Bull training camp from Aspen, Colorado. Throughout the year, Red Bull seeks to help their athletes improve their performance by providing an atmosphere to allow for enhanced fitness, training, and progression. Simon sessions the spring jumps alongside fellow X Games freeskiers Bobby Brown and PK Hunder. The goal this week is to have fun and keep the confidence levels up on a variety of tricks as Simon looks forward to more summer training and preparation toward next winter's Olympic-focused competitions!

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Skier Bobby Brown built a Megaslope in Lake Tahoe

Welcome to professional skier Bobby Brown's vision of the future of slopestyle skiing. After the chairlifts at Kirkwood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe came to a halt last spring, Red Bull and Snow Park Technologies started constructing Megaslope, because why should skaters and BMXers be the only ones with a Mega obstacle. The 2,750-foot long course incorporates six mind-boggling features: a 24-foot single barrel down rail on either side of an eight-foot-wide stair-set positioned on a downhill angle; a 65-foot table with a five-foot step down; a gap jump to a 24-foot long up-box with a gap jump off to another 24-foot flat-box; a cannon to wall ride feature which starts with a 24-foot up-box towards the 32-foot long perforated metal wall-ride with a transition of about six-feet in between; a 100-foot step over jump across the natural fall line of a gully; and an 80-foot hybrid tabletop jump with steeper takeoff and landing angles. Brown invited fellow skiers and friends Gus Kenworthy, Russ Henshaw, Peter Brown, and PK Hunder to partake in the inaugural runs and what happens is pure epicness.