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13 skiers launched themselves off an epic triple jump at the same time

The skiers over at Legs of Steel are known for making unconventional ski videos. They pretty much rule in terms of building crazy ski features that no one else would even think of. Take for instance this new triple jump they built. It'd be enough to have a few guys hit it at the same time and criss-cross, but you don't get the name Legs of Steel for doing stuff like that. So they rounded up 13 skiers (Lolo Favre, Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawitschka, Toni Höllwart, Lucas and Tobi Mangold, Tobi Tritscher, Fabio Studer, Antti Ollila, Elvis Harsheim, Oscar Scherlin, Nico Zacek and, Sebi Geiger) to form a train and launch off the jumps in succession, criss-crossing in mid-air. How there were no significant mid-air collisions is beyond us.

Simon Dumont couldn't resist a little spring fling at Keystone

Instead of dragging his feet, Dumont hopped on a plane and was dragging hands.
After the contest season wrapped up Simon Dumont planned to chill for a bit. But when the session is going down, it's going down. When Dumont heard that Tom Wallisch, Kyle Decker and a crew of other riders were going to be riding the park at Keystone Resort in Colorado, he jumped at the chance to join them for some spring riding in the park. With lots of interesting jumps set up, Dumont learned a few new tricks and dialed in some old ones.

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Red Bull Training Camp With Simon Dumont: Drop In Ep. 6

Simon Dumont offers a glimpse into Red Bull training camp from Aspen, Colorado. Throughout the year, Red Bull seeks to help their athletes improve their performance by providing an atmosphere to allow for enhanced fitness, training, and progression. Simon sessions the spring jumps alongside fellow X Games freeskiers Bobby Brown and PK Hunder. The goal this week is to have fun and keep the confidence levels up on a variety of tricks as Simon looks forward to more summer training and preparation toward next winter's Olympic-focused competitions!

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Three-time Olympic ski jump champion suffers horrific crash in practice

As scary as ski jumping looks, it's rare that we see big crashes like the one Thomas Morgenstern was just involved in. Morgenstern is a three-time Olympic ski jumping gold medalist who suffered a serious injury during a training jump in Austria on Friday and needed to be hospitalized. Morgenstern was preparing for a World Cup event this weekend when he lost balance in the air and came crashing to the ground. He briefly lost consciousness but was able to speak shortly afterward and was able to move his arms and legs. He was flown from the World Cup event site in Tauplitz to a hospital nearby Salzburg. Morgenstern, who won gold in the individual and team events at the Olympics in 2006 and another team gold in 2010, had previously suffered another serious crash on December 15.

Crotch-grabbing cowboys were all the rage at Jackson Hole's Gaper Day

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To the rest of the world April 1 is a time to fool or be fooled. At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming, it's a day for a costume-filled ski session known as Gaper Day. It's a way to celebrate the winter that was with one last wacky party. Gaper Day is also a time for skiers dressed as cowboys to grab their nuts.

Who wins this Gaper Day video? Tell us in the Comments.

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Naked skier does 80-foot backflip

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It's tough to understand the appeal of naked skiing, but people keep doing it. Sweetgrass Films' "Valhalla" film had an entire segment of skiers and snowboarder shredding in the nude. And at the recent Whistler World Ski & Snowboard Festival in British Columbia, Canada, skier Alex Ferreira stripped off all of his clothes and then launched an 80-foot backflip off the kicker. Apparently Ferreira wasn't concerned with shrinkage or the unimaginable pain that would have come if he'd fell and scraped his junk all across the snow.

Would you ever ski or snowboard naked? Tell us in the Comments.

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