Brandon Schroeder

Every Third Thursday: How to make breakfast with your snowboard

Forget granola bars and leave the continental breakfast in its tinfoil tray, because in the latest episode of Every Third Thursday Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew find a whole new way to grab a hot breakfast before hitting the hill.

The solution? Combine a snowboard and griddle into one powder-pounding, pancake-producing machine. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but creating a portable surface hot enough to fry an egg took the Signal braintrust a few tries before they were finally able to whip up both an ingenious solution and slopeside breakfast sandwiches for the whole crew. So grab the maple syrup, pour a hot cup of coffee, and kick back as Signal rider Brandon Schroeder gets this crazy hybrid snowboard cookin’ on the slopes of Mountain High.

How many different uses can you think of for this awesome griddle board? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the Toyota 4Runner:

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Every Third Thursday: Turning discarded Christmas trees into snowboards

For the newest [ETT]1, Dave Lee and the crew at Signal Snowboards wanted to “Spruce things up” by creating a snowboard out of discarded Christmas trees. Since this is the time of year where sidewalks are littered with trees that people have thrown out after the holidays, Lee didn't have to look far to find his materials. But turning the wood from the trees into a snowboard topsheet and core was a little more challenging. After getting the lumber to line up and pressing the board together, it was off to Southern California's Mountain High Resort to see if the experiment was a success. Who would have ever guessed that the best snowboard gift wasn’t under the tree, but was the tree itself? Merry riding!

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