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Skate And The City: Terry Kennedy and Cyril Jackson drop hammers in downtown LA

Terry Kennedy and Cyril Jackson kick things off on this new episode of Skate And The City with a session at the downtown LA office parks. After a run-in with a city bus, TK gets a fresh setup at America’s Best Choice skate warehouse. Skateline host Gary Rogers talks about his “shop talk” style of delivering skate news and rumors on his LA-based show and skater Felix Arguelles meets up with Terry at the Staples Center and talks about how skateboarders are part of the culture of LA. And then TK and Cyril shut down the Staples Center.

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Skateline's Gary Rogers clowns Nike SB by remaking the "I'm on a Boat" video

Taking it back to 2009 when T-Pain was a thing.
On the latest episode of Skateline, host Gary Rogers weighs in on the rise of European skaters and discusses Brian Anderson's new company, 3D Skateboards. Then he expresses himself in song. An old song (at least in Internet time). Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" proves to be the perfect track for Rogers to share his opinons about Nike SB's floating skatepark.

Skateline's Gary Rogers thinks Lacey Baker looks like Miley Cyrus

But can she twerk like Miley?
On the latest episode of Skateline, host Gary Rogers gets James Hardy and Ed Hardy confused and calls out Adam Miller for being a one-flip wonder. But he spends most of his time thinking of ways for female skater Lacey Baker to capitalize on her success such as starring as a mob boss in the next Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis.

"Skate And The City" with Terry Kennedy is coming to Network A!

Pro skater and all-around incredible human Terry Kennedy brings you inside the skateboarding culture of Los Angeles in his new show from Network A, Skate And The City. From where it all started in Venice Beach to Downtown LA hotspots and into the streets of Long Beach. Terry teams up with pro skaters hitting up LA’s best skateparks, musicians with ties to skating, artists, and streetwear moguls with a heavy skate influence. Skate And The City hits the streets next week right here on Network A.

The Los Angeles series includes Terry Kennedy, Kevin Romar, Tristan Funkhauser, Kid Ink, Stevie Williams, Cyril Jackson, Felix Arguelles, Chad Tim Tim, Gary Rogers, Venice Skatepark, Stoner Park, Fairfax Avenue, Belmont Plaza, and much more.

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