The BMW 3 series is the most iconic—and consistently very good—sports car ever. That fact is virtually inarguable so let's not even get into it. What you should do, however, is check out the above video from our friends over at Donut Media, who gave the German giant the ol' animated evolution treatment. If you're into auto history, it's more than worth two minutes of your time.

Another week, another new Vlog from Zwingfilms. If you're looking for someone who shares your passion for cars, skateboarding, and living the generalized dream, then this will be your cup of tea.


Carwow​'s new superhero-themed concept cars got us thinking: If superheroes drove supercars, what powers would they put to the pavement? From Wonder Woman to Wolverine, we take a closer look.

We've shown you the teaser, now check out the full length. Join Zwingfilms and Mode Automotive as they blur the lines of reality with this video game-inspired take on the car modification process. If only it were this easy, am I right?

Shot in 4K. Inspired by Forza Motorsport and Need for Speed​. Our homie Zwingfilms​ has a whole new take on the car modification process. Check out the teaser for his latest project, Mode Movie, right now.

Premiers tonight at 9pm PST on Zwingfilms' YouTube!

Our buddy at Zwingfilms is always challenging his friend Thomas Jones to do burnouts in the most inconvenient places. Not one to turn down a burnout challenge in his 1996 BMW e36 M3, Thomas typically abides. Except, sometimes it gets him into some snafus.

Check out more of Zach Wingfield's drift videos over on his Zwingfilms channel here.

In the United Kingdom, where drifters are often forced to drive hours to get to the nearest spot, Driftland—a DIY drift compound in southern Scotland—has emerged like a mirage. Run by Jeek Federico and Kyle Chisholm of Chizfab Garage, Driftland represents the future of recreational drifting in the UK and beyond, so make sure to check out this behind-the-scenes look.

Tom Cruise has long been know for doing his own motorcycle stunts, but this behind-the-scenes glimpse into Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation's centerpiece car chase proves he's also more than capable of jumping behind the wheel for some four-wheeled mayhem. Pour a little out for this battered M3 and then give it a watch.


Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg takes us on a tour of garages around the country, from professional outfits to grassroots backyard garages.

In this episode of Garage Tours, we visit Coupe King in Long Beach, California. Coupe King is owned and operated by Peter and Erik “Slick” Sliskovich, a father and son team. It started as a hobby in the early 80s, but has since evolved into a highly recognized full-service BMW restoration and parts business. Slick shares their enormous collection of BMWs including a pair of rare orange 1971 ultralight 3.0 CSL. In the garage we see just how busy this shop is with an incredible number of full restorations in progress. Then it’s time to get behind the wheel as Forsberg takes a 1974 3.0 CS with 260 HP to the streets of Long Beach.

Check out the official Coupeking Motorworks site.

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