Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed is always, well, good for vintage car enthusiasts and supercar voyeurism, but is always lacking in the excitement department...that is, until Mad Mike Whiddett and his "BadBul" Mazda SP3 RX8 take to the infamous hillclimb...

This weekend, the Goodwood Festival of Speed kicks off once again, and with comes Renault's truly bizarre, world-speed-setting 1934 Nervasport. Get a look beneath the hood of this French oddball right here.

Have you taped your traction control switch permanently to the off position? Do you prefer a road atlas to a GPS? Are you simply sick of your car acting and driving like a robot? Then this 127-mph, WW1 fighter-powered 1905 Fiat Isotta Fraschini might just be your cup of Brandy-spiked tea. Pumping out 250 horsepower and 3,000-pound-feet of torque, this thing is a vestige of a bygone era, but dear god is it glorious to watch. Tune in and prepare to get nostalgic for the days when men were men and cars were steamships with wheels.