Just because a drift car is on a trailer doesn't mean it can't do epic burnouts

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The guys from YAI Racing were headed back from a drift event in Orlando, Florida, when they decided to stop by the beach. Who knows whether it was the sand, or the sea air, but they just couldn't resist laying down an epic burnout WHILE THE CAR WAS STILL ON THE TRAILER!!!!

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Drone films the coolest fireworks video ever

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July 4th means fireworks. And while a tropical storm this year forced the postponement of many fireworks displays on the east coast to July 5th, Americans still got their fill of pyro this past Independence Day weekend. But a drone in West Palm Beach, Florida may have had the best view of the explosions. Flying high above the fireworks, the drone filmed a unique view that will make you go "ooh" and "ahh."

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BMX gets completely soaked

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A BMX rider in Orlando, Florida, came across a pretty sweet looking ledge. There was one catch, it was next to a fountain. The BMX rider tried to ride along the top of the ledge and ended up in the water. At least his friends got a big kick out of it.

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Kevin "Spanky" Long rode all the walls in Puerto Rico and Florida

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RVCA's skate team knows how to do a proper skate trip. For their most recent RVCA Caravan trip they headed to Puerto Rico and then Florida with skaters Kevin "Spanky" Long, Josh Harmony, Julian Davidson, and Johnerik Efre. It's a solid skate trip, and Spanky's hellish wallrides are certainly a standout in this one.

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This diver fighting a great white shark with a spear will scare the crap out of you

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We've seen divers fighting off sharks with their spearguns before. But usually it's sharks of the smaller variety. Diver Jimmy Roseman came face to face with a friggin' great white shark off the coast of Florida. Roseman was spearfishing at Bethel Shoals on the east coast of Florida when a great white swam over his head. The shark seemed to play a game of cat and mouse with Roseman, who somehow stayed relatively calm.

Encountering a great white only 11 miles off the coast isn't that unusual. Ocearch.org has been tagging and tracking great white activity in the Atlantic Ocean and it's apparent that the sharks are coming even closer than that to Florida's beaches. One shark in particular, Katharine, has been having quite the vacation down that way—even making a pitstop at the fabled Monster Hole break on the southside of Florida's best surf spot Sebastian Inlet.

Roseman was lucky to swim away unharmed from this encounter, since great whites typically go after anything they come across.

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[h/t Grind TV]

Watch a road-raging jerk flip off a driver then discover karma is VERY real

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We all know that you're not supposed to use your phone when you're driving. But sometimes it's okay to make an exception. A driver in Tampa, Florida (of course this happened in Florida) was driving when what she calls a "pathetic excuse for a human being" in a truck started tailgating behind her. The road conditions were slick so the driver stayed in her lane. Once the truck driver saw an opening, he pulled into the right lane, flipped off the woman, and then sped past her. The only problem was that, as previously mentioned, the roads were slippery. So when the truck driver jerked his ride in front of the woman, he lost control and went skidding off the road and crashed. It probably wasn't very nice of the woman to laugh at the accident, but when you get a chance to see that payback is a bitch in real time, it's hard to keep it to yourself.

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Supercross champ Ryan Villopoto invited Ken Roczen to ride his private track

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Ryan Villopoto is a true champion. Even though he may or may not be a leprechaun, Villopoto is not hung up on the rivalries and the battles that happen on the track. He invited 450SX Monster Energy Supercross rookie phenom Ken Roczen down to his private Supercross farm in Florida. It was a chance for Villopoto to show the rookie the ropes and impart some of his hard-earned wisdom. Or maybe Villopoto is an evil genius and this was his subtle way of psyching out Roczen. Either way, this is a great way to see two of the biggest stars in supercross.

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Corey Martinez, Tony Neyer, and Garrett Reynolds take Florida by storm

There are some legendary spots in Florida for any BMX rider to enjoy themselves. And the Ride and Seek crew of Corey Martinez, Tony Neyer, and Garrett Reynolds hit them all up. From the Skatepark of Tampa to the banks of Orlando to the streets of Miami.

Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg shows you a different side of Palm Beach

The town of Palm Beach is home to some of the richest folks in America. It's also home to Palm Beach International Raceway, which is where Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg tore around the track in his Nissan 370Z. Forsberg strapped on a GoPro to provide a POV angle of what he sees behind the wheel.

Meet Chad Reed's TwoTwo Motorsports Team: My Way

As both the owner and rider for TwoTwo Motorsports, Chad Reed is a unique position compared to other riders on the Monster Energy Supercross circuit. Chad must manage not only his riding week to week, but also act as the boss to his mechanics and crew. When Chad launched TwoTwo Motorsports in 2011, he handpicked each member of the team to surround himself with a unique group of talented individuals. In this episode you'll get the chance to meet the team and hear from them what it's like to have Chad as the boss living by the motto of work hard and play hard!

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Chad Reed is one of the top riders competing in supercross and motocross, with numerous titles to his name. Reed is in a unique position because he isn’t just a racer, he’s also owns the team that he rides for, TwoTwo Motorsports. Both pursuits are challenging, whether it’s dealing with injuries or managing his staff. “My Way” follows Reed as he tries to be successful in both endeavors.

Chad Reed: My Way