Video Of The Day

If you've been drooling over Ford's killer Focus RS hot hatch, then this one—which finds former Stig, Ben Collins, taking a smokey spin through its four drive modes—is definitely a must-watch. Borrow two minutes and check it out.

San Diego has been weathering apocalyptic-style rains recently (for there at least) and it's further evidence that people in Southern California have no idea what to do when it rains.

Take for instance this Lamborghini Gallardo owner. He decides it's a good idea to follow the lead of an SUV through a good few feet of water. Mind you, the Gallardo has less than 5-inches ground clearance, soooo we're guessing this dude's Versace's were probably underwater too...

Will Skudin may have just ridden the largest wave ever paddled in to at Nazare in Portugal. Now, Nazare has a history of spitting out some of the largest waves the planet has seen, so that's saying a lot. But take a look at the video and you might just agree. What do ya think?

It's New Year's Eve and that tree in your house is probably starting to dry out pretty bad. Chris Forsberg has the best way to un-decorate it, with the help of a nice GT-R...

Marc Johnson and Guy Mariano have been doing it proper for years and years. If they wanna set parts of a skatepark on fire and skate it then by all means fellas, have at it.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and while Christmas may have been a few days ago, it's not too late to enjoy all these Santas shredding out in the lineup together. Enjoy!

Tom Lowe enjoyed his first big wave session at Nazare in Portugal the other day, and he somehow walked away unscathed after being taken out by a jet ski. As you can see in the video, Lowe avoids the jet ski initially. But the ski gets taken out by the whitewater and eventually chases Lowe down. As Lowe tells, it basically ran him over and took out his legs.

Lowe was left without a scratch, but the same can't be said of his board...

Martin "McFly" Winkler is a pro skier from Austria, but he also loves to surf. So he decided to combine the two a bit by taking an old surfboard for some deep powder runs, and it looks fun as all hell! Now that winter is here, we're surely gonna be trying this one out soon!

It's winter but it sure doesn't feel like it. This flame-throwing GTR doing donuts in the snow should get you in the mood though!

Last year renowned photographer Jim Mangan took Ken Block out to an "eerie 75-mile stretch of desert between Capital Reef and Goblin Valley, Utah" for some old fashioned hoonage. The results were seen in the artful photo book by Mangan called Blast.

Well, the short film has finally dropped and it's just as jaw-dropping as a Gymkhana video—albeit for reasons like stunning slow-motion imagery of dirt being thrown't all over the desert. This one is definitely an incredible project.