Hyped for X Games Oslo this weekend but still wondering what the hell it is? Don't worry, we've got some answers.

Looking for a little winter getaway? Then take a trip into the wild, wonderful world of Candide Thovex​, as seen in One of Those Days 3 (AKA the craziest ski video ever).

From the backcountry to the park and then down through town, this wild Red Bull speedriding edit—which finds Valentin Delluc and Martin Schricke blasting around the Alps on skis and chutes—is capital-E epic. Strap in and prepare to have your mind blown.

The 2016 snow edition of Suzuki's now legendary Nine Knights competition is officially a go. The mission? To push hip riding to its scientific breaking point, with some of the finest (and gnarliest) perpendicular hits ever chiseled, shaped, and shoveled. Then again, don't take our word for it, just check out the trailer and get ready for the madness.

Leave it to the Devin Super Tramp to come up with—and, more importantly, execute—an idea as crazy as taking a bunch of drift trikes to a ski mountain. If you're bored of winter already, perhaps this will provide the inspiration to get out there and try something crazy.

Snowball fights are an eternal rite of passage for kids above the Mason Dixon line, but this dude just went ahead and shattered that age-old paradigm, retro-fitting a leaf blower in order to create an honest-to-goodness snowball machine gun. There goes the neighborhood, indeed.

Oh man, here's one for all you cold-weather gear heads out there: The Rothmans Porsche 911 SCRS drifting around the Nürburgring's Grand-Prix Circuit in six inches of fresh powder—no chains, no studs, no problem. Kick back, press play, and enjoy.

Well, here's something we've never seen a Ford F450 Dually do—drift. Watch as multi-time rally champion Tim O'Neil runs his personal workhorse through the winter ringer, and then get out there and try this with your dad's whip. Just remember, though, Network A is not responsible for the frothing, red-faced repercussions if he finds out (and he always finds out).

The blizzard of 2016 hit New York City pretty hard. But a few people still made the most of it. One of those people was YouTube star Casey Neistat who set a tow up behind a Jeep and hit the snow-covered streets during the blizzard on a snowboard. They even go through Times Square and have a brief encounter with the NYPD.