Dustin Dollin

Did you know Volcom had a full-length skate video in the works? Neither did we, but judging by Holy Stokes! first trailer—featuring everyone from vets like Dustin Dollin to new jacks like Daan van der Linden—it's going to be a titan of skateboarding and cinematography. Commence drooling in three, two, one...

Since skateboarding is for the kids, Baker had a kid review the art on Neckface's new Baker decks.
The artist Neckface isn't exactly known for creating art that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. His pieces feature lots of devils and dark imagery. So when a 2-year-old, whose nickname is Dark O, saw the new decks that Neckface did for Baker Skateboards, it isn't shocking that the kid decides to paint over some of the artwork. However, after a little whiskey, the kid decides that the boards get his seal of approval

Hollywood is the land of dreams, and pro skaters.
Chima Ferguson is one of many skaters who call West Hollywood home, so he knows the area well. Ride along with Ferguson as he hits up his favorite spots to skate, eat, and lose to Dustin Dollin in pool.

Oui, oui.
French Fred was behind the camera when some of the most important skate videos like éS's "Menikmati" and Flip's "Sorry." were filmed. Now he is sharing that footage with the world. The teaser for Thrasher's new series "Behind the French Fred Scenes" just went up and it shows some of the crazy moments from the early 2000s featuring Eric Koston, Arto Saari, Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala, and lots of others.

Dustin Dollin pays a visit to the 2011 Skater of the Year.
For the premier episode of his new series, "Gettin' Dusted," Dustin Dollin went to see his Volcom teammate Grant Taylor. The series is definitely lo-fi, with Dollin recording on what appears to be a Playskool My First Camcorder. It's also a little weird seeing Dollin film Taylor getting dressed. But watching Taylor rip on a bunch of different transitions—from his DIY backyard bowl to a skatepark to a spot under an overpass where we imagine hermits live—makes it all worth it.

Ah, the glamorous life of a pro skateboarder.
Dustin Dollin has been putting out heavy skateboarding footage since before the turn of the century, and he was a part of Baker Skateboards before the company even produced decks. Dollin recently rewatched his part in the Baker 2G video and offered some interesting commentary. At the time, Dollin was squatting in an apartment with broken windows and living with two drug addicts. That didn't distract Dollin from his skating missions, and his footage earned him last part in Baker 2G. Unfortunately, Dollin wasn't able to see the reaction to the video when it came out because he was trapped in Australia because of visa issues. Thirteen years later, Dollin is still in search of hammers and is working on his part for the Vans video.

Nuge and Sammy Baca are big fitness buffs.
The latest episode of Baker Zone's Trash Compactor brings us outtakes from Don "Nuge" Nguyen and Sammy Baca as they filmed for the "Bake and Destroy" video. In addition to plenty of skating, the duo also lift some weights, jump rope and play basketball. Because, you know, skateboarding is a serious sport.