Marc Johnson

There are few people on this earth more responsible for the transcendence of music, art, film, fashion, and gender roles to all walks of life than David Bowie. The world lost the Starman on January 10, 2016 to a bout of cancer but his legacy will most certainly live on longer than all of us.

More specifically, his music has fueled generations of skaters, snowboarders, and surfers alike. Always reinventing and never satisfied with what he had just done, his was a life of innovation that continually challenged the status quo.

Skate, snow, and surf parts with David Bowie songs are some of the most memorable we've encountered. Bowie tracks have been sparingly used through these genres of videos, as if you're using a Bowie song it better be a f—king part that's going to push for part of the year.

With that said, here are the 7 best parts of our time that paired their months of stacked clips with the everlasting sounds Bowie. Goodnight and rest in peace, Starman.

Marc Johnson and Guy Mariano have been doing it proper for years and years. If they wanna set parts of a skatepark on fire and skate it then by all means fellas, have at it.

Ishod Wair keeps getting mistaken for Theotis Beasley.
Skateboarder Magazine put together a hilarious clip of some of the top pro skateboarders explaining the problems that come along with their jobs. Jerry Hsu has so many hobbies he can't find time to skate. Theotis Beasley doesn't have enough room on his board for all his sponsors' stickers. Terry Kennedy got a banger at El Toro but no one was there to film it. Alex Olson, Marc Johnson, Leo Romero, and Joey Brezinski are some of the other skaters who discuss how tough their lives are. Yes, this is a joke.

New York City based artist Curtis Kulig has created a movement with his "Love Me" tag, a simple script that can be found in cities all over the globe. Following a string of successful collaborations with the likes of DQM, Obey, Ace Hotels, Urban Outfitters and Happy Socks, Kulig has released a "Love Me" collection with Vans. dose gets the exclusive first interview with Curtis where he talks to Tim about the evolution of "Love Me," what it takes to score a Vans collab and his plans for the future.

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