The 7 Best Skate, Snow, And Surf Parts Ever Set To David Bowie Songs

There are few people on this earth more responsible for the transcendence of music, art, film, fashion, and gender roles to all walks of life than David Bowie. The world lost the Starman on January 10, 2016 to a bout of cancer but his legacy will most certainly live on longer than all of us.

More specifically, his music has fueled generations of skaters, snowboarders, and surfers alike. Always reinventing and never satisfied with what he had just done, his was a life of innovation that continually challenged the status quo.

Skate, snow, and surf parts with David Bowie songs are some of the most memorable we've encountered. Bowie tracks have been sparingly used through these genres of videos, as if you're using a Bowie song it better be a f—king part that's going to push for part of the year.

With that said, here are the 7 best parts of our time that paired their months of stacked clips with the everlasting sounds Bowie. Goodnight and rest in peace, Starman.

1 Arto Saari, "Sorry"

Arto Saari's classic double-part in Flip's Sorry is the echelon of a skateboard and Bowie pairing. The songs "1984" and "Rock n' Roll Suicide" compliment Arto's skating to a tee.

2 Austin Smith, "We're People Too"

Snowboarder Austin Smith's We're People Too part was a HUGE coming out party. It earned him the Breakout Part of 2007 from Transworld Snow and seemed like it would set him on a path to stardom. Alas, he's never dropped a part quite like this one, and one has got to wonder if setting it to Bowie's "Suffragette City" had a little something to do with it.

3 Marc Johnson, "Pretty Sweet"

Marc Johnson had the unfortunate luck of having his Pretty Sweet part right alongside that of Guy Mariano's—otherwise it would've been Johnson snagging Transworld's coveted "Part Of The Year" award. That said, this is easily one of Johnson's best parts of his career and David Bowie's "Five Years" lends a nice retrospective feel to the then-35-year-old's banger-of-a-part.

Yes, we know the below video is a video game remake of Marc Johnson's Pretty Sweet part and not the actual part, but it's the only thing that's close to it that's available on the internet. Go buy Pretty Sweet here to watch the actual part.

4 Andreas Wiig, "Vacation"

Forum's second-to-last movie before folding, Vacation, packed a pretty heavy part from Andreas Wiig. Tweaked out to Bowie's "Modern Love", this part was the true end of an era.

5 Jeremy Klein & Heath Kirchard, "The End"

If you had no knowledge of skateboarding and I told you there was going to be a part set to Bowie's collaboration with Queen, "Under Pressure", you'd probably look at me a bit confused. But that's what Birdhouse eventually for Jeremy Klein/Heath Kirchart's part in The End. The chaotic beauty of their skating goes hand-in-hand with the Bowie/Queen combo.

6 Creed McTaggart, "Cluster"

"Life on Mars?" is one of those songs that might not quite fit in with a fast-paced video part, but Kai Neville did it perfectly with Creed McTaggart's part in Cluster. The symphonic ebbs and flows work exquisitely with McTaggart's high-flying antics and throaty barrel-chasing when all slowed down.

This part is not available online, but you can purchase Cluster here to watch the full part and movie.

7 Bryan Herman, "Baker 3"

Starting off slow is not really Baker's style, which makes Bryan Herman's first Baker part stand out even more. For Baker 3 they paired the young Herman's balls-to-the-wall skating with Bowie's "The Width of a Circle" and somehow it all fits together, leaving us with memories of the young Herman that still resonate with us today.