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There are few people on this earth more responsible for the transcendence of music, art, film, fashion, and gender roles to all walks of life than David Bowie. The world lost the Starman on January 10, 2016 to a bout of cancer but his legacy will most certainly live on longer than all of us.

More specifically, his music has fueled generations of skaters, snowboarders, and surfers alike. Always reinventing and never satisfied with what he had just done, his was a life of innovation that continually challenged the status quo.

Skate, snow, and surf parts with David Bowie songs are some of the most memorable we've encountered. Bowie tracks have been sparingly used through these genres of videos, as if you're using a Bowie song it better be a f—king part that's going to push for part of the year.

With that said, here are the 7 best parts of our time that paired their months of stacked clips with the everlasting sounds Bowie. Goodnight and rest in peace, Starman.

The Nike rider went H.A.M. on his swallowtail board while filming for the Never Not video.
Austin Smith was in Japan two years ago and saw lots of snowboarders in the lift line using handmade swallowtail boards. Smith decided to try his hand at making his own custom board out of wood when he returned home. He discovered that making snowboards is harder than it looks. Luckily, he was able to convince his board sponsor, Nitro Snowboards to make a swallowtail snowboard for him with a short, fat shape. While filming for Nike Snowboarding's Never Not video, Smith thought he might just use the board on one or two powder days. He ended up riding it about 50 percent of the time.

Jake took a break from the Ashbury Demo at Bear Mountain, California to take some fun, slushy park laps under the sun. Here he breaks down 3 of his favorite tricks to do on a daily basis and gives us a display of many more of his go-to moves.

For more action from the Ashbury Demo, click HERE:

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