Outdoor Motocross

2013 wasn't the epic Monster Energy Supercross season Chad Reed had hoped for, but despite his knee still not operating at full strength and his fitness not up to his own standards, Chad was still able finished in 5th for the year. Now Chad's focus turns to outdoor motocross and his first event at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Finally feeling healthy and strong, Chad is putting in extra work and training to compete at the highest level.

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Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. After getting the holeshot at the Maggiora MXGP and running with the lead pack of Jose Butron and Jeffrey Herlings, Alexander Tonkov had a wild crash on the finish line on the checkered flag lap. Unfortunately, even though he was inches away from crossing the finish line, Tonkov was given 22nd place.

You'll probably still have to get a job when your career is over.
So far "The Moto: Inside the Outdoors" is a bit of a buzzkill. Sure, it reveals the "real" side of racing motocross. But it turns out that the "real" side of motocross isn't that pretty. The latest episode features Kyle Chisholm, Josh Grant, and Tommy Hahn talking about the financial challenges and the uncertainty that comes with life in motocross.

It's much better than doing it by accident.
GEICO Honda motocross rider Eli Tomac recently did a My 5 interview with Alli where he talked about his favorite place to ride, his guilty pleasure and his bizarre superstition of dropping all of his new helmets.

"Me funny. Him funny. Together funny. It's pretty funny."
Team Honda/Muscle Milk rider Justin Barcia is one of the biggest characters in motocross, so it's no surprise that he offers up some gems in his My 5 interview. Barcia discusses his friendship with Will Hahn, epic race moments, and why he hates it when people slide their butts off of the leather seats in his truck.

The King of Supercross can still fly. Jeremy McGrath linked up with the Dirt Shark crew to rip some laps around Pala Raceway. McGrath was joined by fellow motocross riders Josh Hansen, Tyler Bereman, and Axell Hodges. Riding around with all those up-and-comers, McGrath had to take a crack at the 165-foot jump at Pala. The jump brought back memories for McGrath of his days launching off sand dunes. And even though he bounced around on his first attempt, McGrath figured out the jump quickly and landed a clean one.

The 450 class points leader can clinch the series title this weekend.
Ryan Villopoto holds a 44-point lead in the 450 class of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships and can secure the title with a victory at the series' second-to-last event this weekend. The race will take place at the brand new motocross track at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. It will be the first time a pro motocross race has taken place in the state since 1973. Villopoto took a lap on the new course and filmed it with his GoPro. From the looks of thing, Villopoto has the new Utah track dialed.