Filmed over the span of three weeks on a 3,000-mile road trip through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, this stunning 4K time-lapse tour of the American Southwest certainly didn't come without a cost (snowstorms, flat tires, scorpion stings, and plenty of sleepless nights). The results, as you'll see, however, are more than worth it. If you didn't get to take a vacation this year, this is the next best thing.

Arriving in theaters next month, Patagonia new hour-long documentary, Jumbo Wild, takes an in-depth look at the battle to balance conservation and recreation in British Columbia's iconic—and important—Jumbo Valley. Set against the backdrop of backcountry skiing and snowboarding, this one is a must-watch for everyone interested in preserving the things they love.

Ever seen a drug commercial and been left shaking your head at the absurdity? Ever gotten outside and suddenly had all your problems fixed for a few hours? Then this winking, tongue-in-cheek parody commercial for Nature RX is sure to offer a up a laugh or two. Give it a watch and then get out there and take your medicine.

Here's an adventure lesson for all of you who have yet to learn it: The most dangerous moments often arise out of the most unassuming circumstances. Just ask these hikers, who took to the hills above Maui for a quick dip in Commando waterfall only to be greeted by an entirely unexpected flash flood that blocked their path back down the mountain and required rescue by helicopter. Needless to say, the footage captured on their drone is pretty terrifying but well worth a watch for anyone lacking a healthy respect for the raw power of nature.

That's right. This guy caught a fish...with a drone. Really not a lot to say about this one, so Derek, take us away buddy.

With autumn in the air and the National Parks system set to celebrate its 99th birthday, we countdown 5 parks—from the wilds of Maine to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest—that come alive when everything else starts to wither. Remember everyone, those vacation days aren't going to spend themselves.

Listen, we all know Chris Farley wasn't a huge van of living in a van down by the river, but we think that nomadic lifestyle sounds pretty rad...provided you have the know-how to pull it off, of course. Before you even begin to consider packing up and leaving it all behind, however, one thing you will definitely need to know is how to convert your trusty van into a bonafied camper, and this quick DIY walkthrough will certainly help. From loft installation to cooking tips, this one packs a lot into a little, so sit up, shut up, and pay attention.

In the climbing world, few tests—not even Everest or K2—are as daunting as the central peak of Meru, a technical, sheer wall in the north of India that has had less interaction with humanity than the surface of the moon. That, however, didn't stop Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk from attempting to conquer it not once, but twice, returning to the hallowed mountain's shark-fin summit in 2011 for a harrowing, yet successful, conclusion to what they failed to finish in 2008. Now, four years later, the trio are offering an inside look at their mission—one of the most dangerous in climbing history—via a new documentary, Meru, that is sure to chill viewers to the bone and back again. If you think you can handle the cold and the craziness, check out the trailer above and prepare for the climb of a lifetime.

Really not a lot to say about this one that can't be said better by the footage itself. A 100,000-frame time-lapse edit captured on a six week trip from Santiago to Punta Arenas, Patagonia 8K is going to take your breath away.