Every Third Thursday: How to build a snowboard from a hardware store for $100

Weekend project!

Ever been browsing the isles of your local hardware store and think, "I wonder if I could build a snowboard from just stuff that I find in here?" Well, in case you hadn't, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew did for you.

This week on the new Every Third Thursday, the crew takes on the challenge of building a snowboard and snowboard press using materials exclusively sourced from the aisles of a home improvement store. Dave and the Rosolowski brothers comb the aisles scavenging for makeshift materials on a budget: hydrophobic base materials, a sturdy core, metal edges, glue to hold everything together, and finally a makeshift press to bind the layers. Is this experimental snowboard going to be a blast or a bust? Watch as we test the ultimate DIY board out on slopes of Utah’s Brighton resort!

What do you think of the materials we used and the challenge of building a snowboard yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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