Habitat Skateboards

In the pantheon of hot-ticket ams, Canadian ripper Bobby de Keyzer—who does his stuff for Habitat and DC—is at or near the top. If you're not backing that, then turn off that Canucks game, take a big swig of that maple syrup, and check this out. Something tells me you'll come around in no time.

Mark Suciu is a thinking man's skater. A winning combination of quick feet, trick selection, and near-scientific precision that has the skate world clinging to each and every morsel of new footage like a life raft. Enter Civil Liberty, the latest footage from the Habitat pro which finds him ripping some of the East Coast's most infamous plazas—from Love to Flushing—all in the name of the good ol' red, white, and blue. Check it out and then go read a history book or something.