Looking for the best damn ski part of the year, no questions, no compromises? Done window shopping? Then check out Sean Pettit's 2015 backcountry opus, set to star-gazing sounds of the one and only Elton John. If you're not feeling this one, then you don't have a heart.

Here's something I guarantee you haven't seen before: A mountain bike "powder" (OK, loam) day. Conceived by the mad-scientists behind this year's stunning two-wheeled epic, unReal, "Dirt Blizzard" stands as the film's final segment and most lasting spectacle, blasting unknown quantities of fresh dirt out of snow-gun style blowers while some the sports raddest athletes do what they do best. Grab the goggles and check it out.

The culmination of Wiley Miller’s 2015 winter season, YLESKI 2015, chronicles the backcountry wizard's forays into the uncharted areas of the British Columbia interior. Keeping the stoke level high and the terrain au naturel, Miller says he set out with the intention to spend his time "exploring new mountains, scouting lines, and finding natural airs" and, from the looks of things, he did precisely that. Check it out and you'll see what we/he means.

High in the Andes, Santiago Guzman and his dog Conga cut some fresh, uhh, tracks

The Nike rider went H.A.M. on his swallowtail board while filming for the Never Not video.
Austin Smith was in Japan two years ago and saw lots of snowboarders in the lift line using handmade swallowtail boards. Smith decided to try his hand at making his own custom board out of wood when he returned home. He discovered that making snowboards is harder than it looks. Luckily, he was able to convince his board sponsor, Nitro Snowboards to make a swallowtail snowboard for him with a short, fat shape. While filming for Nike Snowboarding's Never Not video, Smith thought he might just use the board on one or two powder days. He ended up riding it about 50 percent of the time.

Kick back and enjoy the epic laid back powder session as the Deja Vu crew including Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, and Ben Bilocq explore the best of Japan. From bright city lights to the mountains, there's something magical about Japan that every snowboarder should should make a point to experience!

Music: "Sun Bleach" by Nicholas Andrew Sadler

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Pro FMX rider Ronnie Renner checks in from the snowy mountains of McCall, Idaho. Ronnie jumps on a Snow Bike—a hybrid motorcycle/snowmobile with a ski acting as the front tire and a narrow track in place of the rear tire. Ronnie dumps the snow bike a few times before getting the hang of it and ripping through the trees and finding natural terrain features to send it off of with the local boys! When in doubt give it gas!

Teens "Die With You" and "Reasons" http://teens.bandcamp.com
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This is going to be good.
Partly Cloudy is Level 1 Productions' 14th film and the follow-up to last year's award-winner Sunny. The trailer just dropped and it looks incredible. It features some seriously progressive riding, including some of the craziest up-rail clips we've seen. We just hope Level 1 doesn't run out of weather descriptions to name its movies the way that Apple ran out of cats to name its operating systems after.
Partly Cloudy will be available on iTunes and Vimeo in September.

Chris Logan, Will Wesson, Ahmet Dadali, Parker White, Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, LSM, Tim McChesney, Banks Gilberti, LJ Strenio, Torin Yater-Wallace, Josh Bibby, Niklas Eriksson, Logan Imlach, Sammy Carlson, Sig Tveit, Magnus Granér... and friends.

Shot on Location in:
Utah, Sweden, Whistler Blackcomb, Alaska, Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, British Columbia, Les Arcs France, Kansas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Finland, Sun Valley Idaho, Mt. Bachelor Oregon

Trailer music:
"Butterfly" by Delicate Steve
Wondervisions (Luaka Bop, 2011)

Directed by Josh Berman and Freedle Coty
Produced by Josh Berman
Principal Cinematography by Josh Berman, Freedle Coty, Darren Rayner,
Jake Strassman and Ante Olofsson
Edited by Josh Berman, Freedle Coty and Blake Kimmel

The man behind Sweetgrass Films is looking to recapture a 1970s vibe. Nick Waggoner produces some epic ski films, including Valhalla, that have an analog, hippie feel to them. On a chairlift interview, he explains the motivation behind his movies.