Early Skateboarding

Plus, handy tips for learning Cab flips.
Previously on The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show, Jackson asked viewers to rename skateboarding and send in their suggestions. The results are pretty epic ("Pusiwancing," anyone?). Jackson also digs deep to see what goes into making a skateboard. What he uncovers is shocking. And in Skateboard Education Lesson school, Jackson explains the Cab flip and why you should never, ever call it a fakie backside full Cab flip.

It's time to envision a world without kooks or cool guys, where every professional skateboarder is considered equal. Richie Jackson knows how to make that dream a reality. With an innovative new approach to the hardflip, Jackson hopes to bring together two of skateboarding's most diverse factions. And he also has a handy tip that makes learning switch hardflips a snap.