Dirt Bike

Two different disciplines, same kickass result. Watch trials Adam Raga and extreme enduro iron man, Alfredo Gomez, show off their considerable two-wheeled abilities in this awesome junkyard-based trials video.

Forget Lil Jon, Alan Birtwistle is the new king of getting low, scraping pegs, scrubbing bars, and somehow not dislocating his hip in this absolutely insane display of supermotard limbo at Dirt Quake 4 in Kings Lynn. Trust us, this is the craziest bike video you will see all week.

You just don't mess with a classic. 25 years ago Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey changed the way we thought about Hollywood surf movies. And now Hollywood is trying to remake that classic.

Yes, you'll see in this new Point Break that the '90s cheese is absent and the CGI is everything we've come to expect from an action movie made in 2015. We also get a Utah and Bodhi story that doesn't just center around surfing, so it's cool to see dirt bikes, wingsuits, and other "extreme sports" being put up on the big screen together. And we're sure the storyline (while completely disregarding the existence of the first movie) will be pretty good, too. Plus, if for nothing else we'll get to see some of that crazy Teahupoo footage when they shut the break down for days to film during an insane swell.

The new Point Break hits theaters Christmas Day, and we'll probably be there to see it.