Every Third Thursday: Building the world's first paper snowboard

Behold the Paper Shredder!

On the new episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew set out to create one of their most ambitious projects ever: a board made out of paper. Paper has very little structural integrity, which only gets worse when it's damp. So it makes perfect sense to try to transform this material into a weight-bearing, torsion-tortured, snow-sliding device, right?

With the help of the imaginative crew at Ernest Packaging, Dave is able to build the snowboards. Then he packs the prototypes into his Toyota 4Runner and drives from California to Colorado's Copper Mountain to test them out. Dave recruits Signal teamrider Melissa Riitano and Morrison Hsieh to ride the boards and it becomes a game to see how many runs they will last. The upside is that the "paper shredder" is totally recyclable!

To learn more about the Toyota 4Runner, go to: https://www.facebook.com/4runner

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