Erica Yary

Natas, Lizard King, they're all Satanists. Consider yourself warned.
On the latest episode of The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show, Jackson introduces viewers to Irving Rodderick, who is trying to let the world know that the devil is using skateboarding as a way to corrupt the planet.
Also, nobody cares about nollie backside flips.

Eric Koston, Rick Howard, and Mike Carroll celebrate two decades of Girl.
Skateboarding is hard, but keeping a skateboard company in business for 20 years is damn near impossible. Girl Skateboards, which started in 1993, pulled it off by having incredible riders, videos, and boards. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Girl founders Carroll and Howard threw a party at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. Current and past Girl skaters like Eric Koston, Jeron Wilson, and Sean Sheffey turned out to check out exhibits of the company's decks, photos, and art. And, of course, to look at Koston's early Girl ad where he wears a robe and holds a bottle of cologne.