John Jackson

Every Third Thursday: John Jackson’s Nose-To-Tail Sierra Series Snowboard Build

In this new episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee introduces new Signal teamrider John Jackson. Every rider dreams of building a custom snowboard designed exactly to their specifications. John gets exactly that opportunity as we dive into building his Sierra Series pro model at the Huntington Beach Signal factory. John and Dave then head up to California’s Sierra Mountains during a late season snowstorm to test out John’s new custom pro model. What a way to close out another epic winter!

Wanna grab your own John Jackson pro model? Purchase it from Signal here.

Check out the Toyota Tundra:

When Travis Rice goes on vacation he pets sharks

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Travis Rice is best known for his snowboarding. But the Wyoming native is a lover of all kinds of adventure. That includes surfing, sailing, and fishing. Rice recently went on a trip to the Bahamas with fellow pro snowboarder Eric Jackson, and John Jackson. The group was in hot pursuit of elusive bonefish, and also used the opportunity to do some cliff jumping and, as we see at the :30 mark, to pet some sharks.

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