Well here's one you don't see everyday: Two grown men playing tag in the halls of a desolate factory on a pair of tricked-out Harleys. It won't take long for you to realize the whole "tag" thing is just a cute premise for these guys to show off their staggering bike skills, but something tell us that won't mean much once you see them ride.

Two different disciplines, same kickass result. Watch trials Adam Raga and extreme enduro iron man, Alfredo Gomez, show off their considerable two-wheeled abilities in this awesome junkyard-based trials video.

Nothing says freedom quite like an open road and a bike...except, perhaps, for a never-ending swath of untouched powder. Just ask backcountry bums, Mike Carter and Callum Pettit, who recently decided to combine the two, strapping their boards to their bikes and pointing both toward the heart of the Canadian Rockies. What they found was the adventure of a lifetime, as told in The North Face's new must-watch mini-doc, Rocky Mountain Moto Tour. Check it out and then start planning your great fall escape.

Listen, there have been some been some truly legendary runs in FMX history. We all remember Mike Metzger's back-to-back flips at X Games Philly in '02 and Travis Pastrana's casual after-time double flip in the Coliseum 8 years later, after all. With that said, however, Tom Pagès flawless, finals-winning run at Red Bull X-Fighters South Africa this weekend is unequivocally up there with the best of them. Just check it out and you'll see what we mean.

We all know the Dirt Shark MO by now: Awesome action and irresistible babes (not necessarily in that order). So saddle up and ride along as he follows the Unknown Industries crew through the streets of the 2015 Sturgis Bike Rally.

Leave it to the French to invent an off-road machine that attacks rocks, hills, and other assorted craziness with all the tenacity of pouring a second glass of Chardonnay before bed. With that said, however, we have to admit that while we prefer our mud-slingers big, brash, and almost embarrassingly American, Swincar's Spider Electric 2 does look pretty wild. If you're looking something a little different, then this one is for you.

Forget Lil Jon, Alan Birtwistle is the new king of getting low, scraping pegs, scrubbing bars, and somehow not dislocating his hip in this absolutely insane display of supermotard limbo at Dirt Quake 4 in Kings Lynn. Trust us, this is the craziest bike video you will see all week.

Doing things the way they used to be done is not always for the best, especially in the world of motorsports, where technology has become an invaluable asset in terms of accuracy, performance, and efficiency. But as Taber Nash of Nash Motorcycle Company proves,the hand-built process will always be the purest and most artistic, showcasing his dedication to motorcycle history (while still keeping one eye on the road ahead) in the latest episode of UPROXX's new series, Human. If you're into bikes, or perhaps just the DIY spirit, then make sure to check this one out.