Dirt Bikes

Ice Speedway racing is a very real (and very insane) sport in Russia, but chances are most of us Westerners have never laid eyes upon it...until now. Join Red Bull and Ice Speedway Russia World Champion, Daniil Ivanov, as he takes his absolutely insane bike skills to Lake Baikal for the flat track sesh to end them all. Holy shit, is the appropriate response here.

JUST KIDDING, but that doesn't make these crazy, on-track fisticuffs between Weston Peick and Vince Friese—who had ridden Peick off the Anaheim 1 track once before administering this block pass—any less entertaining. Peick received a DQ, a one-race ban, and a $5,000 fine for his outburst, and we certainly agree that this chest-beating bullshit has no place on the track, but rest assured there a more than few people in the SX world who believe that Friese had this one coming.

This time last year, we brought you The Doonies, an unabashed celebration of sandy butts and motorized insanity amidst the golden, rolling dunes of Glamis. Adhering strictly to the if-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it school of logic, Monster Energy has officially returned with the #DOONIES2, a bigger, badder, and more beautiful sequel featuring everyone from BJ Baldwin to Twitch wreaking havoc in the devil's coolest sandbox. Needless to say, you're going to want to grab that sunscreen and check it out.

The Dakar Rally—widely regarded as the nastiest, gnarliest race on earth—is back and better than ever this year, and this epic new trailer proves it and then some. Running from January 3-16, this 5,600-mile marathon through the mountains and deserts of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile is right around the corner, so give this one a watch before it blows by you in a cloud of dust.

It's been awhile since we've had the opportunity to watch James Stewart in a competitive setting, but if his domination of Red Bull Straight Rhythm this weekend was what we were building to all along, then it was more than worth the wait. Point it straight and pin the throttle.

Listen, there have been some been some truly legendary runs in FMX history. We all remember Mike Metzger's back-to-back flips at X Games Philly in '02 and Travis Pastrana's casual after-time double flip in the Coliseum 8 years later, after all. With that said, however, Tom Pagès flawless, finals-winning run at Red Bull X-Fighters South Africa this weekend is unequivocally up there with the best of them. Just check it out and you'll see what we mean.