Clay Marzo

But not before scoring a few more waves on the North Shore.
With Dunphy and Mitch gone, Alisha and Bree are the last ones remaining at Surf House as the Triple Crown contests and the winter season wrap up. Despite their differences, the two remain close friends and are thankful for the Surf House experience, both its ups and its downs.

With Mitch and Dunphy heading home, Clay Marzo moves in.
On the latest episode of Surf House, Mitch Crews and Michael Dunphy see their North Shore season come to an end. The duo's departure opens up room for Maui surfer Clay Marzo to move in. With Crews gone, Alisha focuses all of her attention on having a great time at Surfer Poll. The event isn't quite as enjoyable for Bree, who runs into an old boyfriend there.

There is no more beef in Surf House.

After Bree moved out of the house following an argument with Alisha about a guy, the two female surfers were able to patch up their differences. While that beef may be squashed, Alisha still has plenty of guy drama to deal with. Her time in the house with Mitch is winding down and Balaram Stack offers to be her date to Surfer Poll.

Is what you'll ask yourself after watching his new video "The World is Super"