Evan Geiselman

We've come a long way in these 2 years. Boardwalks are being reconstructed. Houses are being rebuilt. And crucial infrastructure is being overhauled in preparation for future storms.

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made destructive landfall in the New Jersey/New York region, and things have yet to be the same since. As I stated earlier, we've come a long way, but there are still people who haven't received insurance checks, still people without homes, and boardwalks and roads still torn apart. Hurricane Sandy caused over $68 billion in damages and took the lives of 286 people. It uprooted life as we know it for millions.

Surfers were the first to respond and enact plans in many coastal areas, I was a first-hand witness to that. Any one of us will tell you that all the negatives that came from Sandy were awful, and lots had it way worse than each one before us. But at the same time, as a surfer, we also know that Florida scored (at the expense of many others). So let's take a moment to reflect on that and find the silver lining in what was a horrible natural disaster.

Got a story about your experience with Hurricane Sandy? Let's hear it below.

Photo: NY/NJ Surf

Paul Fisher interviewed the top surfers at the US Open and got answers to the truly important questions.
The entire surfing world converges on Huntington Beach each summer for the US Open of Surfing. That makes it the perfect time for Fishtales' Paul Fisher to catch up with the world's top surfers to ask them the questions everyone else is afraid to. Fisher spoke with Kolohe Andino, Evan Geiselman, Surf House's Mitch Crews, Koa Smith, Oliver Kurtz, Dylan Goodale, Dylan Graves, and Ian Crane. He asked them about what they'd do with $100,000, whether they preferred blondes or brunettes (Kolohe Andino's answer at 1:01 is priceless), and the worst tattoos they had seen at the US Open.

There is no more beef in Surf House.

After Bree moved out of the house following an argument with Alisha about a guy, the two female surfers were able to patch up their differences. While that beef may be squashed, Alisha still has plenty of guy drama to deal with. Her time in the house with Mitch is winding down and Balaram Stack offers to be her date to Surfer Poll.

There is no shortage of drama on the North Shore. Guys are competing for waves. Girls are competing for guys. While Mitch and Dunphy paddle it out at the final WQS surf contest of the season at Sunset Beach, Bree and Alisha have a falling out over pro surfer Evan Geiselman in the newest episode of Surf House.