John John Florence

With Mitch and Dunphy heading home, Clay Marzo moves in.
On the latest episode of Surf House, Mitch Crews and Michael Dunphy see their North Shore season come to an end. The duo's departure opens up room for Maui surfer Clay Marzo to move in. With Crews gone, Alisha focuses all of her attention on having a great time at Surfer Poll. The event isn't quite as enjoyable for Bree, who runs into an old boyfriend there.

Kelly Slater, John John Florence, and Kolohe Andino boost massive airs.
It's Surf Week on Network A, so we are bringing you the most amazing surfing videos every day. Today's edit is a collection of some of the world's top pros using waves like ramps and launching huge aerials above the lip. Check out Slater, John John, Andino, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, and more as they experience rare air.

It was the air heard round the world. John John Florence scored a perfect 10 on a massive alley-oop in the first round of the Oakley Bali Pro. Blowing the minds of Joe Average Surfer isn't that hard, but when you see the reactions of Florence's fellow surfers, it's clear that the air was something special. Rizal Tanjung is basically the surf mayor of Bali, and he claims it's the biggest air ever done there. And Kelly Slater, who has had his share of perfect 10s in his day, was glad to see Florence get the score for such a progressive maneuver and estimates that he was seven feet above the lip.